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Glamping - Top 10 Locations

TV show "The Only Way Is Essex" has re-kindled the use of the word glamping which is short for glamorous camping. They show glamorous camping to be a throw rug and some pillows in a meadow. Although this is fantastic and is surely the "Essex" idea of glamping, I'm sure there is better glamping to be had. Therefore I present (in no particular order) Simply Hike's Top 10 Glamping locations. I am sure you will love this list, although if you're anything like me you might not be able to afford some of them. A real dream list. Whitepod Luxury Tents Just because your camping don't think that your going without the luxuries in life. Whitepod offer camping with a real twist. Their tents have room service, en suite bathrooms, real (large) beds and a sense of luxury usually reserved for top hotels. In fact the only reason they are tents rather than hotels is because the company behind them wanted to create something that wouldn't impact the environment like a hotel. For more information and pictures of these awesome tents, check out the Whitepod website. Camping Pods If your about being a little different to the average camper then why not consider camping in a pod. These awesome pods float around Europe giving you a real sense of adventure. They are completely kitted out inside. A bit different but glamorous nonetheless, although not for the claustrophobic as some of these pods are located out at sea. See the capsulehotel website for more information. The Yurt Retreat A bit closer to home than some of the others here but no less glamorous the Yurt retreat in Somerset has 4 Mongolian style Yurts which are over 20ft wide and capable of sleeping up to 4 people. Each Yurt has its own private decking area, private bathroom, indoor burner, outdoor fire pit and even mains electricity. Want to learn more about these awesome Yurts? Check out The Yurt Retreat. The Dome Garden As they say on their website "the dome garden is a unique collection of geodesic domes providing luxurious accommodation for groups of two to six people. It is set in the middle of the ancient forest of Dean". These domes are up to 24ft in diameter and have everything you need for a weekends glamping. For further details check out the Dome Garden. Romany Caravan Holiday If you fancy spending some time a little closer to nature why not consider a romany caravan holiday? They have a selection of traditional Vardo's (Romani Wagons) to stay in which are surrounded by a beef and sheep farm, very much country living. But don't worry about not having your luxuries at hand, there is a shower, toilet, cooking area and even wi-fi! For more information check out porthcawltown. 4 Winds Tipis Like the Romani wagon camping shown above this is camping with a twist. At the 4 winds you get to camp out in Native American Style tipis in the middle of the lake district. Each Tipi is full furnished and comes with toilet, shower, bbq area and firepit. It also has Windermere Hotels leisure center just round the corner with a gym, sauna and pool. For more information on this idillic location, check out 4 winds lake and tipis. Canna Camping This is the ultimate in getting away from it all. A bell tent on the isle of Canna (Scotland). The Isle of Canna has only 19 inhabitants so it's completely isolated away from the world. It's got to be one of the ultimate chill locations. Each tent comes equipped with wood burning stoves and solar lighting. It's one to be considered for nature lovers as the island is home to sea eagles and puffins. As well as basking sharks and minke whales along the shore. For more information check out Canna Camping. Casas Karen I'm hard pushed to  to classify this as camping but as there is a real indoors/outdoors feel to these beautifully designed and furnished Chozas (traditional thatched shacks made of straw and bamboo). They have all modern amenities and are just a few minutes walk through the forest to a beautiful Spanish beach. Perfect. For more information check out Casas Karen. Canyon Lodges Based in Santa Babara are some awesome nature lodges. The perfect place to completely relax, the camping resort is surrounded by 300 acres of picturesque pacific coast. But don't think that because you're miles away from  civilisation that you don't get your amenities as there is everything you would expect from a decent hotel. As they say on their website "Experience the natural beauty of the environment in a camp-like surrounding with all the creature comforts we have come to enjoy and expect." For more information check out ElCapitan Canyon. Arizona Expeditions As it says on their website, this camping trip is all about delivering their clientele their own personal dream of adventure and solitude. These trips are designed to cater to the whims of a richer than average customer who can afford the price that comes with this sort of outdoor refinement.  We are talking about 5 course meals, personal butlers and a do whatever you like mentality. But then prices do range from £2,500 to £4,500 for a three night stay. Per person! For more information check out Global Expeditions.