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Gregory - The Rucksack Brand with all the Tech!

Gregory constantly develops new technologies to fit their rucksacks so look out for some of these, especially if you are thinking about buying one for yourself. This brand put so much effort and thought into how they construct and design their products, it's easy to see why they are one of the best producers of Rucksacks and Backpacks around. Read on to learn more about the different systems they have created.

Biosync ATS

illustration_Bio_SyncATS stands for 'Active Trail Suspension' and provides the pack with the shock absorption and flexibility it needs for fast paced, active trail use.

The system is lightweight and designed to mimic our joint construction by using a series of connectors, which join the hipbelt and the shoulder harness to the frame of the pack just like tendons join muscles to bones. This essentially allows the hipbelt and harness to move independently of the pack, without reducing load support -meaning you can run, scramble and climb to your hearts content while the pack hugs your back like a frightened monkey! Biosync can be found in the Miwok and Maya Rucksacks  

CrossFlo DTS

illustration_Crossflo_DTSCrossFlo 'Dynamic Transfer Suspension' is designed to create a gap between your back and the pack to provide excellent temperature management and breathability in all conditions. In otherwords - you will remain cool and won’t get a sticky back on hot days, but waterproofs will also be more breathable on cold, wet days too.

The back panel still allows you to manage the load of the pack as the contents are supported by the back panel and what’s brilliant is that thanks to a unique harness the heavier the pack gets the stiffer the system becomes.

CrossFlo DTS can be found in Z and Womens J Rucksacks   

Intuition 3D 


This suspension system allows the pack to be carried in streamlined design. The back panel is cross ridge with mesh to allow moisture to be wicked away and cool the back and the harness and hipbelts also include mesh for exceptional breathability on these high contact areas. The frame is lightweight and a sturdy wire wishbone shape which allows for easy load transfer without excess frame weight. Intiuition 3D Suspension can be found on the Savant and Sage Rucksacks.    

Response AFS

illustration_Response_AFSThe Response Auto Fit Suspension system has an independent hipbelt and shoulder harness that will comform to your own unique hip and shoulder angles for the ultimate in customisable fit - and this fit is instant, no trial and error struggles with buckles or adjustment systems.

Inside these packs are a single 7075-T6 aluminium frame that works with a load lifting panel for excellent load transfer. Load stabliser straps on the hipbelt adjust the packs pivot for varying terrains and a lumbar grip panel will keep it in place on your back. This system is great for long distances as the harness, hipbelt and back panel are all made from EVA foam which won’t compress over time. Response AFS can be found on Baltoro and Deva Rucksacks    

Response LT


A intuitive line of rucksacks, the Response LT range are all about organisation and gear access for keeping everything to hand whilst still being lightweight and providing the perfect fit. These packs all come in under the magical 1.8kg weight thanks to a wishbone wire frame and low weight but high strength denier fabrics. Response LT can be found on Contour and Cairn Rucksacks    

Trail Smart Packing System

TrailSmartPacking IllustrationThis allows you to organise and access gear quickly and easily thanks to 3 packing zones. This innovative idea allows you to separate your hiking kit from your camping gear and distributes weight properly for a comfortable carry.

The CAMP section is large and positioned close to the back for excellent weight distribution. This is designed for larger, dense items that are typically not needed until at the campsite. The TRAIL section is for medium sized items and allows fast access to these during the day, so things like lunch, waterproofs or a first aid kit. The ON-THE-GO section is placed in the hip belt and side pockets which are easy to reach without stopping. Designed for stashing snacks, a compass and water bottles. Watch Gregory's Video here which shows this in more detail.  The Trail Smart Packing System can be found on Contour and Cairn Rucksacks