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Hike your own trail

We all know hiking is wonderful! It’s becoming more and more popular each year which is just great news. This is in part due to social media - people see a Instagram post of someone walking a trail and want to go to that spot too.  Now this is fantastic but sometimes rather than just packing a bag and heading off into the hills or getting out a map, pointing to an area and going on an adventure, people just copy Instagrammers and Influencers with no thought or plan for if that's right for them.

So yes get out there explore the world but you should always hike your own trail...



If You Have A List It’s Time To Bin It

Having a trail list is a good thing, but if all you’re doing is sticking to your list you just need to rip it up. If the only reason why you’re going down a certain trail is because its on your list and nothing else then you should really hang your head in shame. Hiking and exploring isn’t about ticking off a list or saying great done that lets move onto the next one.  Ripping up that list means you can explore more and you’re not tied down or feel pressured to walk a certain trail or route - hiking is all about being free!


Go Off The Beaten Track

So you have ripped up your list, now it's time to get off the beaten track. Now we don’t mean go and get lost and possibly get into trouble. The next time you’re going for a walk maybe don’t follow the designated route, do a bit of off-roading. You just might find something off the beaten track you have never seen before.

Just remember your way back to the main trail and let people know that you are going the scenic route just in case something happens, yes it's great to be adventurous but also also you need to be safe.



Your Mates Don’t Always Know Best

Its great you mate Fred said that you shouldn't hike that trail, because he did and found it boring... well maybe Fred 's opinion will be different from yours. Just because one of your friends didn’t like a trail doesn’t mean you wont. 


GPS & Tech Sucks

The only thing you need when hiking is low key kit a map and compass that’s it really. Leave you fancy GPS tracking system at home and only get your phone out to text or call someone updating them where you are… that’s it. Like we have said plenty of times here at Simply Hike hiking shouldn’t be about updating your social media feed it’s about exploring your surroundings and experiencing adventures first hand…not through a screen.



It’s Not About Following A Trail

Hiking isn’t about who you follow on Instagram - in its simplest form it’s all about the adventure and exploration of this amazing planet, It’s great that social media can inspire people to hike a trail, but that shouldn’t be the only reason why you go for a hike.  


Remember = Find your inspiration, go your own way, discover your own path, hike your own trail.  What you will get back we guarantee will be amazing!


Shawn is the videographer, writer and presenter for our Simply Hike YouTube channel.  For more videos and guides go to and subscribe!