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Hiking Micro Advice Videos - What Would You Like To See?

micro advice videos Two years ago we started our Micro Advice series, stepping out of our comfort zone of just making product videos. Our first video was 'How to Tie Walking Boot Laces' which has now had a massive 23,600 views and 66 thumbs up! Throughout the past two years we have made advice videos about how to put away a tent, how to change a Camelbak, and even how to set up your rucksack. Here's a few of our favourites:

How To Tie Walking Boot Laces

How To Use Waterproof Stuff Sacks

The Features Of A Swiss Army Knife

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

So as you have seen from the videos above our micro advice videos start with the basic advice like 'How To Set Up A Jetboil', to introducing you to the Katadyn filter series and how these systems work! With the days becoming longer and the weather becoming brighter we are starting to piece together what micro advice videos we want to film this year..this is where you guys (our followers) come in... what micro advice videos would you like to see?  From the most basic, to the highly technical, as long as we can film it in a minute to 5 minutes it will qualify for our micro advice series! Just comment below on what advice you need and if we can, we will film it for you and upload it to our YouTube channel for the world to see!