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Hiking Tips: Keep The Bugs At Bay

Keep The Bugs At Bay Here is our list of the best tips to help you in the war of the bugs when camping!

Stay Away From Wet Grassy Areas

Most bugs LOVE moisture that's why you are likely to get bitten in the morning, during light rain and after rainy periods. So if you pitch up and camp in an area with long grass you know that in the morning you are just going to get bitten! It's not just the moisture in the air, bugs are also attracted to your body moisture as well!

Wear Bright Coloured Clothing

A lot of bugs don't like bright sunlight, this rule also applies to clothing as well. If you wear a bright coloured long sleeve top and trousers you are less likely to get a visit from insects. A handy plus side to brightly coloured clothing is that you can always been seen, which from a safety aspect is great! 1

Try To Keep Cool

Now as we mentioned earlier bugs/insects are attracted to moisture and this includes your body moisture. So try to wear breathable clothing, lots of hiking companies (like us :D) sell clothing that are designed to keep you cool with brilliant wicking technology. Also look at the equipment you are carrying, can you make it lighter? This will help you stop sweating as much, also see if any of your equipment can be replaced with more a breathable version like your daypack for instance.

Sunscreen With Insect Repellent

There are lots of insect repellents out there which are natural and chemical. If you're hiking in a hot climate then why not kill two birds with one stone and buy sunscreen with insect repellent. This saves time and money. The sunscreen will give you all the protection from the sun and the repellent should sort out the bugs! You don't have to apply two products, and your sunscreen won't need topping up during the day.

Wear A Hat

On a hot day insects will try to find the easiest part of you to "latch" onto, this tends to be your head or neck. Wearing a hat will prevent them from "attacking" your head. You can also look at getting a Chute, buff or bandanna, this will protect your neck and your face. Most of these products can be doubled up into a hat as well so it's a win win! 2

Coconut Soap / Oil & Garlic

Some people might say that this is an old wives tale but people have found that rubbing coconut oil or soap into their skin helps repel insects. It is also said that insects don't like garlic so if you get some with your breakfast or lunch the garlic will secrete through your pores and stop insects biting you. This method is also said to work with adding Zinc and Vitamin B to your food intake. Lastly don't forget good old citrus, bugs hate citrus!   What's your best trick against the war on insects when camping? We would love to hear your tricks and tips so comment below!