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How Sweet Spot Trainers can Improve Your Skiing All Year Round

What’s the one obstacle to improving ski technique and style? Snow only comes in the winter! It would be nice to be able to afford to travel around the world looking for powder year round but most skiers just don’t have that kind of luxury. So what to do when things are dry . . . and warm? One popular and proven approach is a ski trainer for working on all those details of good form on the slopes even when at home during the summer. Although some ski trainers are rather extreme total ski simulators, there are more affordable alternatives that can bring the same noticeable results. One aspect of downhill snow skiing where everyone needs improvement is balance. Ski instructors and experienced downhillers know there is a “sweet spot” where every skier is in perfect balance over the skis and down the slope. Finding that spot and maintaining it fluidly and effortlessly means better technique, more speed and a fluid turning style. Skiers can work on finding their sweet spot using the Skia Sweet Spot trainer. It is both easy to use and can be applied anywhere at anytime, as long as the skier has ski boots close at hand. The Skia Sweet Spot trainer is attached directly to the ski boot and adds a slight lift from the floor with a balance point. When putting on the boots with the Skia trainer, the skier will immediately feel the need to flex, bend at the knees and maintain a good posture to remain on the sweet spot. The lift is only an a little over an inch and there is little chance of falling, but the experience will help the skier know that certain feeling the next time on the slopes. Sweet spot training can be done year round and will work constantly to help the skier use the sweet spot effectively. The goal is to become so familiar and with the sweet spot while in the ski boots that it becomes second nature once putting on skis. When the skier stops thinking about the sweet spot balancing act and just feels it then the Skia Sweet Spot trainer will have been a success. Skiers can never get enough training through the year to maintain that proper position as soon as the weather turns cold and the snow falls. Whether a novice or expert, sweet spot training can benefit skiers of all skill levels. No matter how experienced or adept the skier, there’s always that fall off in the dry season and it may take a few runs (or a few days) to get back into the groove. With the Skia Sweet Spot trainer the skier can avoid some of those cobwebs throughout the year and hit the slopes early as if they'd never left. A year-round regimen does not require a huge investment but only one simple training aid. The Skia trainer can make an immediate impact on style and help you have more fun on the hill. Eric Xian is one of the most respected fitness and ski trainers in the industry. With over 10 years experience in the field, his expertise has helped improve a number of fitness solutions on the market today. One of the problems many skiiers face is that they just can't practice away from the slops. This has now been solved by the Skia ski trainer which offers enthusiasts the chance to practice and improve their technique in their own homes.