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How to buy the right tent for you

Tunnel, pop up, festival, family, lightweight, lighter weight, cabin, dome, bivi and two-man through to nine-man. The range of tents grows ever greater as each summer goes by. But rather like choosing a car, bike or new home, there is most likely a tent that will suit you perfectly.

A guide to matching campers with their tent

Weekend festival dudes: The last thing you want is tent hassle during a fun festival weekend. All festival goers require is a tent that’s easy to carry from public transport or the boot of the car, quick to put up, waterproof and mud-resistant. If it’s brightly patterned or coloured then all the better because re-finding your tent in a field of hundreds of other tents when you have had a couple of beers and your head is dizzy from all the dancing could be the difference between a night’s sleep and a night spent searching for your tent. The perfect tent solution: Pop-up tents or festival tents. Family, comfort and joy: This type of family likes to pack the car (or mini bus!) full to the brim. Add in two or three children, a dog, a parent or two and perhaps friends. At the campsite, luxury is important. Blow-up mattresses, cosy sleeping bags, pillows, a sink, a larder, solar powered showers, fridges, carpet. In other words, a camping holiday is a home-from-home affair. The perfect tent solution: A family tent that sleeps up to nine people with a living space and separate bedrooms for parents, kids and hanger-ons. Tunnel family tents make a great choice. Family + head room: If the worst thing for you about camping is not being able to stand up then you’ll want to choose your tent carefully. If your camping location is likely to be open to the wind and rain then you should also think about the structure of your tent. If you also need a living area and bedrooms… The perfect tent solution: A dome tent construction offers great internal space and holds strong in wind and bad weather. Or choose the equally sturdy cabin-style tent. Go wild: This is wild in the sense of the wilderness. Some people like to get away from it all and head off with only a backpack, a lightweight tent, a small stove and some dried camping food. The perfect tent solution: A one or two-man lightweight tent that packs up small but still offers strength (in case of wind) and is highly waterproof (in case of rain). Wild and very light: If you’re planning on a long, multi-day camping trip that includes many miles of walking carrying all your clothes, equipment and accommodation then…. The perfect tent solution: Choose a one-man bivi bags. These tents-come-shelters offer protection from the elements but also cut weight and volume to an absolute minimum. Wild and high: Mountain goats require a lightweight tent that can also cope in extreme conditions. The perfect tent solution: A mountain tent is a five-season expedition tent that is designed to offer safety and comfort. The geodesic tent design ensures strength and stability against the strongest winds.