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How to Choose a Ski Helmet

A helmet is a vital piece of equipment if you are going skiing or snowboarding. Although winter sports are a great deal of fun, they can also be dangerous – especially if you don’t take the extra precautions to keep yourself safe. Padded clothing, thermal wear to keep you warm and a helmet are just a few of the essential pieces of equipment you need before you head to the slopes. How do I find the Right Size Helmet? To make sure you have the right size helmet, you might need to try on a few styles and sizes. A helmet that fits correctly will feel fairly tight on your head but obviously not too tight! When wearing your helmet, it shouldn’t shift around on your head with every turn you make as this can be jsut as dangerous as having no helmet at all – needless to say, if it falls over your eyes and obstructs your view of hte slopes, this can also be very unsafe. Use a tape measure and keep it flat around the widest part of your head (above the eyebrows and all the way round the crown of your head). With this in mind, you can find a but a model that will suit you. A small hat or beanie can be worn underneath your helmet. Please not that if you will be wearing an extra hat on the slopes (a very effective way of staying warm), you will need to have it on whilst you try helmets. How Heavy is Your Ski Helmet? Lighter helmets are much nicer to wear – not only will they weigh less in your luggage, they’re also great to wear on the slopes as they have less of an impact if you are to fall and allow easy movement of your head and neck. Does Your Ski Helmet Fit your Goggles? When choosing a helmet, you need to make sure that it fits well with your goggles. Between the top of the goggles and the tip of your helmet, there should be no gap. This will help to keep snow and ice away from the top of your face and keep your vision clear. If you want to get a helmet with a peak to further protect you from precipitation, then these styles are also popular – just make sure you find one that fits you comfortably. Other Things to Remember The shape of your helmet can affect your skiing performance as well as keeping you safe and warm – try a streamlined shape for a smooth descent down the slopes! Don’t leave ‘room to grow’ when picking a helmet for your child – a properly fitted helmet will keep them safer. Look after your helmet – if there are any splits in the coating or it is showing signs of breaking, get a new one – don’t risk your safety for the sake of saving money. Also check out.... Cheap Ski Helmets - Don't Risk Your Safety