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How to Cook on a Jetboil - Micro Advice Videos Series

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Hi guys, I'm Shaun from In this micro video, I'm going to be showing you how to cook with the Jetboil. What I'm going to be using, first off, is my trusty Wayfarers cook foods. Now this is meatball and pasta, one of my personal favourites, but they do thousands of other recipes. It's definitely worth checking them out. And good old trusty spork. You've got the spoon, you've got the fork, you've got the knife.

Let's do this. All right, let's open up this package. Let's get cooking. Get it all to . . . There we go. There's the meatballs. It looks so delightful. Some pasta . . . That will do.

So if I just prop that up there. Let the gas on. And using the old trusty spork, just give everything a nice little stir. If I turn it down a bit. As you can see, the Jetboil is obviously warming up. The sauce, that's on the inside, which is obviously going to warm up the pasta and the meatballs. And because it's already pre-cooked, you really don't need to do much.

Working with the Jetboil technology, it will just keep everything nice and cooked for you. That smells delicious. I smell herbs man, that's really good. I was going to say, now it shouldn't take long at all. It didn't take that long to boil water, so it shouldn't take long to cook my lunch. Good old spork, giving it a good old stir. These things are genius, good old Light My Fire. Look at that.

You know what? It's bubbling away nicely. There you go. Just taste that bit. Yeah, it's coming along nicely, it's getting there. It's actually nearly done, believe it or not. I'll give it a couple of minutes, just because of the meatballs. As you can see, it's not like when you eat it at home. It gets a bit messy. But it's camping, that's what it's all about. But yeah, it warms up the juice.

There's a lot of heat coming from that. I think it's nearly done, you know. Let me just . . . Yeah, genuinely. Let's try a bit of pasta. This actually got warm . . . That is actually ready. So I'll turn the gas off. And the good thing about the Jetboil is I just . . . there you go.

So, my lunch is ready. Let's dig in. Let's get a meatball. That's hot. My mom said never talk with your mouth full. That's absolutely delicious, and that didn't take any time at all to cook. And that is your hiker's meal. So if you're walking, you're hiking, you're backpacking, lunch, dinner, problem solved. Great technology from Jetboil, and you only get that quickness with a Jetboil.