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How to Find the Right Stance on the Snowboard

Sadly, there is a lot more to standing on a snowboard than looking as cool as possible – shame, right? The simple fact of the matter is that the stance you choose for riding a snowboard will have the biggest impact imaginable not only on how fast you learn, but also how safe you’ll be while doing so. The good news is it really isn’t difficult to pick up the basics, or to try out a few tricks to find out what might work best for you. Regular or Goofy? The first and most important thing you need to establish is whether you’re a regular or goofy-footed rider. Pay no attention to the name as neither is right or wrong, it is just a way of referring to which foot you will position at the front of the board and which at the back. A bit like being right or left-handed, most people have a solid preference. The trick here is not to assume that even if you surf, skate or even wakeboard that you’re guaranteed to like the same stance when snowboarding. Chances are you will, but be ready to try both if unsure. You won’t really know until you get started on the snow, but there are some neat tricks that can help you decided from the comfort of home, including:
  • If you’re able to get away with running along a polished floor and sliding in your socks – safety first – take note of which foot you automatically put to the front and which to the back.
  • Lean forward as if to fall over and note which of your feet you step forward with to keep yourself upright and balanced – this will be your front foot for the board.
  • Ride a bike and stand up for a few seconds on the pedals – the foot you position to the front will be the foot for the front of the snowboard…usually.
Stance Width As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to position your feet just a touch wider than your shoulders. Some say that you should have comfort and stability as if you had just stepped off box and landed slightly crouched. A rule of thumb this may be, though remember that all body shapes are different. There are plenty of height/width guides online if feeling a little clueless. Angles When it comes to the angles you set the bindings at, there are dozens of technical guides and lengthy recommendations as to which to choose for your first foray. However, for those looking to find exactly what fits them best to a tee, the most sensible advice is to start with the front foot at a 21-degree angle and the rear binding at zero degrees, then making slight adjustments until it feels perfect. The investment of time is always worth it. Defect Last but not least, never forget that no two boarders ever use the exact same stance and therefore if you happen to find something that really works for you, go with it! All the formulas and theories in the world don’t really matter once you’ve found the perfect stance for you – just be willing to give it time! This post has been supplied by Snotels – Ski Hotels & Resorts.