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How to Fit a Rucksack - Micro Advice Video Series

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Hi, guys. I'm Shaun from Today, this micro video's going to be about how to fit a Rucksack in three easy steps. Right.

So, step one. The most important thing is the back adjustment. See, everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, so you do have to adjust this accordingly. Also it depends on what you're also packing in your Rucksack. But with this Rucksack, as I'm demonstrating, it's really, really easy. So you will get an exact fit. Right. Prop it on my back.

Now, step two, is all about the hip strap. Now quite a lot of people think, the hip strap should go on the hip. It actually goes above the hip. So what that does, it lifts the weight off of your actually hips themselves, and also will help reduce pressure and make it less uncomfortable for you.

Step three, the final step, is all about the chest strap. So if I plug that in that. Now, with the chest strap, quite a lot of people, automatically do this, tight it up. That's the wrong way to do it, because what you'll find out, it's pushing the straps closer to your shoulders, and it's going to cause you a lot of pain and a lot of aggre.

So the best way to do it is to have it nice and loose. Even better, if you've packed it properly in the back, don't have it done up at all. So all the pressure and all the weight, is on the hip strap.

All right, guys. I hope that helped you. If you're still a bit unsure, please come visit us in the shop, and we can do the fittings for you. And watch out for more micro videos from