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How to Fit a Ski Helmet Correctly

A ski helmet is one of the most vital pieces of protective clothing when you are heading to the slopes. No matter how advanced you are in your skiing abilities or whether you are a complete newbie, everyone should wear properly fitted protective headwear. Head Measurement First, begin by measuring round your head using a tape measure. The tape measure should sit flat and go from your eyebrow and all the way round the crown of your head. Ski helmets are usually measured in centimetres, so make sure you go to the shop with your measurements. Each brand or store will stock different sizes, and a Small size can be anywhere between 49 and 55cm, Medium could be 52/55 to 59cm and Large could be any bigger than 59 to 65cm.   How Should it Fit on my Head? Your new ski helmet will be well padded to protect your head if you fall over or bump into anything. It needs to be comfortable yet fit tightly to your head so that it doesn’t rattle around as you slide down the slopes. Just remember, it shouldn’t wobble about when you move your head, nor should it squeeze you so tight that you’re in pain!! Needless to say, if you think you have found a perfect fitting helmet that fits snuggly and doesn’t wobble around when you move then make sure that you can see! A perfect fit helmet is no good if you are simply guessing where the slopes are as you ski... And Remember... Please don’t hit the slopes without a helmet – it’s not about looking good, it’s about staying safe. If you are that image conscious then get yourself a ‘coool’ helmet to go with your matching goggles and boots. Don’t buy kids helmets for them to grow into – they need to fit them for this ski trip! If they don’t fit correctly, they could get seriously hurt. When it comes to shopping around for prices, just remember that if you have total confidence in a brand and your size (i.e. you have bought many ski helmets before) then you will be fine buying online. However, if you are new to skiing and you have never tried a helmet on before, you should check the website size charts and measure your head to make sure you don’t hit the slopes with poorly fitted headgear!  

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