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How to get fit for snowboarding

Like skiing, it helps to be in good shape before you hit the winter slopes. Stamina and fitness are vital ingredients for making the most of your on-piste trips and holidays. But skiing and snowboarding demand different things from your body. Check out our blog about Getting Fit For Skiing. [caption id="attachment_943" align="alignleft" width="259" caption="Leg strength is vital for days of snowboarding"][/caption] Snowboarding demands a great deal of legs, back and core muscles. It is also important to have good upper body twist and flexibility. Novice snowboarders may well  need even better fitness than the expert snowboarders. Learning to snowboard often entails lots of falling over, and then getting back up again.  With both feet tied into snowboard boots and then affixed to the snowboard, standing back up requires strength of core muscles in particular. But essentially the same physical strengths are required for all levels of snowboarders. Guide to getting fit for snowboarding The muscles that you use for snowboarding include thighs, calves, back, abs and, to a lesser extent, shoulders and arms. Flexibility is also a bonus for snowboarders, especially in the ankles, hips and shoulders. The best way to improve strength and flexibility in combination is to sign up to a yoga class. Try Ashtanga yoga for a great strength, cardio and flexibility workout. Start on these exercises at least a couple of months before your ssnowboarding trip. Cardiovascular exercise: The best way to get fit for snowboarding is to snowboard. You could head along to a local dry ski slope or an indoor snow slope if you live near one. Other cardio sports include walking, running and cycling. Strengthening: Spend 20 minutes twice a week doing: 10 to 20 single leg squat reps. 10 to 15 step-ups, add a weight in each hand. Do these on a step-machine at the gym or up and down stairs. 10 to 15 front lunges, each leg. 10 to 15 side lunges, each leg. 20 to 30 ab curls. 10 back raises. Lie flat on your front and lift your straight legs and shoulders from the ground at the same time. Hold for one second and gently drop back down. 15 to 20 shoulder pulls. Use a weight machine for these.