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How to Set Up a Jetboil - Micro Advice Video Series

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Hi guys. I'm Shaun from Today in this micro video, I'm going to show you how to set up a jetboil.

All right, let's go through this set up, shall we? Let's take the lid off, move that there, just put that there for now, now the gas sits on top of this. Make sure it's on a nice even surface, so obviously it stops the jetboil from falling over. Now, let's unhook that, and let's attach the stove to the gas itself. There you go.

Now, when you're turning it up, make sure to stay nice and tight. There we go. Then there are grooves in the jetboil, just hooks into there like that, and the. Let's see, that's to protect the element tin there. Then what you're going to do, line it up, there you go. Let's turn this bad boy on, shall we? What you need to do, give it a bit of gas like that. There you go.

Now obviously, with that lever there, you can adjust the gas accordingly to how quickly you want to cook stuff. Let's turn it off. Just turn the lever that way. There you go. I hope that video has helped you. If you want to watch more of our micro videos please visit us at