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How to store your Snowboard

How to Store your Snowboard With the rise in popularity of snowboarding, more and more people are spending a lot of money buying and repairing snowboards and with the average price of a snowboard at approximately £285, it is no wonder that so many people want to look after their sports equipment to use again and again. However, there are many people out there that don’t know how to properly care for their snowboard, so if this sounds like you and you want to know the top rules for maintaining your snowboard so that you don’t have to regularly pay out for repairs, just follow these simple steps: When in use during the season, store it on a storage rack at the end of your boarding day but when the snowboarding season is over, there are more rules to storing your snowboard away than just simply ‘putting it on a rack’. Find a Storage Place You may have heard that storing your board in a cool, dry place is best. Well you’re right! Humidity can severely damage a board’s surface and can even lead to it warping. Once this has occurred, it is practically impossible to make it return to its original shape. Whether you hire a storage facility away from your house or you have a cool closet where there is enough space for your board, make sure that you can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in this place. Loosen Bindings With a screwdriver, loosen your binding screws that keep the footholds in place. This allows your bindings to stay warp free during the storage period. Any indentations created by the screws also won’t be made worse when stored away if you loosen them properly. Wax Choose a temperature specific wax before application – try to avoid using paste waxes and instead go for lighter wax which can be applied evenly and in moderation. Coat your board base in a very thin layer of wax and then drip your wax all over the base using a heated iron. Melted wax should cover your entire board. Using the warm iron, spread the wax smoothly across the base.  The edges of the board are the only areas where you should scrape any wax away (once it has cooled of course!). If the wax is resting on any metal parts of your board, these may rust when stored away which is why it’s important to clean these bits off. Positioning If you are storing your snowboard in a bag, make sure it is well ventilated. It doesn’t matter too much whether it is standing upright or lying horizontally, the most important factor is that the board remains safe in the position you set it in so that it doesn’t suffer any damage whilst in storage. By finding the right place, position, and maintenance routine you can keep your snowboard looking new for many years to come!