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How to Tie Walking Boot Laces - Simply Hike Advice Micro Video


Need a few tips on how best to lace up your walking boots? Check out our two top methods below...


The first lace up is the most traditional, its just purely eyelets by eyelets, so as long as the lace is tucked in nicely you shouldn't have any issues. 


When you buy your first pair of boots, 9 times out of 10 that is the standard lace up you're going to use. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but depending on what the boots are made out of and how high the ankle support is, it can be quite painful. Especially at the top because you have a lot of pressure on this area due to the boot being new and the fabric being less worn in, as well as pressure of the knot. 


Now for the second lace up technique; it's very similar to the first lace up as you start from the bottom working your way up to the top, but rather than going to the second eyelet you need to cross over and go straight to the top of the boot, cross over again and then hook it round. 


What this is doing is taking the pressure of the knot off the top part of the boot, which gives the boot flexibility. When it comes to breaking in the boots, its going to be a lot quicker and lot more comfortable for you to use this method.


I hope that helped you guys out, watch out for more advice videos at!