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Husky Sledging vs The Skidoo

Okay, so you’re a snow junkie searching for something other than skiing that will send your adrenaline levels rocketing. You still want to drive through an Alpine or Arctic landscape but aren’t interested in learning new tricks. What can you do? Skidoo? Dog Sledging? As man and machine, or man and dog, you can cut through and over snow covered terrain and have a blast. So which one should you choose?   bigstock-Up-Hill-4401159   Dog sledding will involve control of well-trained animals and calling out ‘Mush’ as if you mean it. It’s not a word that can be mumbled. Practice in the bathroom, or make it your new command for when you want the kids to do something. You might get some funny looks, but it’s important to give the command with confidence. Newbies to the art might feel concerned that any accident might hurt the dogs but be assured, most pilot error seldom damages the animals, only the driver’s ego. It’s great fun, the instructors at any location offering dog sledging will want you to enjoy yourself and come back for more, so lose your inhibitions and have the ride of your life. Most dog-sledders love the bonding that takes place between man and dogs which make this activity even more special. This option is definitely perfect for those that want more of a 'back to nature' experience. If you're not the most confident with heading up the sled yourself, you can also go for the option of riding along as someone else drives the sled and the huskies, perfect for those who want to sit back and enjoy the scenery!   bigstock-Man-and-woman-riding-on-snowmo-107066558   Riding a skidoo (or snowmobile) is just as much fun and you can call out whatever you like when you fly over berms or down slopes! Skidoo machines are available for every level of competence from beginner, easy-to-handle sleds to cross-country machines for off-trail thrills. There are plenty of others in between too. You can even double up on some snowmobiles if you wanted to share a ride with a companion. Deep snow and crevasses present terrific challenges on a skidoo and with a little instruction are easy to control. If you're looking for more of an adrenaline rush then taking out a skidoo is probably the activity for you!   Whichever you choose, both a skidoo and dog sledding are energetic pursuits and unless you are a non-participant passenger, expect to get a good workout and get the blood pumping around your body! It's also a great opportunity to get out there and see the snow from a different perspective. Have you ever been snowmobiling or dog-sledding?