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Inspirational Outdoor Instagrammers

Inspirational Instagrammers With social media dominating our lives a lot of people are of course negative towards it, especially in the hiking world. But it can be an amazing tool to help build confidence, make people see things in a different light and most importantly inspire people. When it comes to hiking and adventures there is one social media platform that beats the rest hands down and of course it’s Instagram. By uploading your images, adding a cheeky filter and a few hashtags you are posting your adventure for everyone to see! Using #hashtags means people can just search for a place or a hobby and find your image. This also links you with other users on Instagram thus spreading the word, but most importantly (you might not know it) it’s inspiring you to go outside more! Travel further, explore new ground or even show you what’s on your doorstep, just in a new light! Another great thing about Instagram is that the most inspiring images come from you and me, not massive outdoor brands or corporations, this gives it a more honest feel and a personal touch. We have searched high and low and have come up with a list of our favourite “Instagrammers”. We contacted them and asked them two questions:
  1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform?
  2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures?
  So let us introduce you to our favourite Instagrammers:

Angelo Valkenborgh - Becomingwildman

[gdl_gallery title="insta-pot" width="175" height="175" ] 1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform? For me, Instagram is like a visual twitter. It helps me to meet people with the same interests and it is a great way to be inspired in a visual way. A picture can say more than thousand words. Also I discovered that it is a really community and there is a lot of respect and information that get passed around. For me it's perfect because I do not own a computer and still it enables me to bring the story while it's happening, as long as cellphone connection is available. Also Instagram covers the world, I get inspiration across the globe and if I look at my followers, they come from everywhere. From Africa to the Scandinavian lands and from Thailand to America. Instagram is just the perfect place for sharing my adventures and to inspire others to get some hiking boots and go out to create their own adventures and memories. 2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures? Any adventure, any sight that takes my breath, and due to my passion for bushcraft, anything related to that. It can be a nice green spot in the woods with a stream nearby, it can be the light reflecting on the trees during those campfire nights. It can be gear or just a moment in the outdoors. As long as it is in the outdoors, I'm shooting and sharing it. The answers can be short or long, it doesn’t really matter because your images will be doing all the talking!

Angeliqa Mejstdt – Vandringsbloggen

[gdl_gallery title="insta-ang" width="175" height="175" ] Let me introduce myself as a 28 year old chocolate-and-coffee-addicted HR-specialist and outdoor-nerd with a black belt in Karate. I am always eager to learn new skills and love to spend time outdoors. On a typical Friday night you are more likely to find me in front of a fire than out in a club. I live by the rule "Carrying 200 grams of chocolate is never a waste of space in your backpack". Since a few years back I run Sweden’s largest hiking-blog and my goal is to inspire others to spend more time outdoors. I am writing for you who love to hike! 1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform? My favourite thing about using Instagram as a social platform is the quick feedback and interacting with the followers. I feel that there is a closer connection with my followers on Instagram since there is much more of a two-way communication (compared with traditional blog where people tend not to comment at all). There is actually a face on every follower and everyone who likes a picture. There's also an easy way to stay tuned with the latest news from my favourite brands and outdoor ambassadors and entrepreneurs that is innovative and taking outdoor adventure and retail to the next level. Moreover; the format of Instagram allows spontaneous and swift sharing on everyday thoughts on the topic of hiking. I use my Instagram account to share behind-the-scenes of the blog, highlights of hikes, I forward inspirational quotes and stories of people that inspire me and I promote paracord bracelets to a fund for young people affected by cancer. There is a great variety of pictures that all sums up the love of hiking. 2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures? Places that inspire me to take pictures are the places that are close to my heart - if there are mountains and trails I will definitely find a new angle to present. One of the greatest inspirations I know is in the very northern part of Sweden - I just love to spend time in Laponia in the arctic areas where (once each year) the sun never sets during summertime (June solstice) and it never rises during wintertime (December solstice). There is a great hiking trail between Nikkaloukta and Abisko guiding you through in violated nature, mountains, a canyon and small cabins where you can stay in the sauna before hitting the tent at night. There is a scenery in this area of Sweden that takes you so far away that it is impossible not to be creative. Every time I go there I tend to lose foothold of my everyday life. That's where my favourite place is. To view my Instagram page click >here< and to view my personal blog click >here<

Charlie Leeds - charlieleeds

[gdl_gallery title="insta-cha" width="175" height="175" ] After finding time to rekindle the love of the outdoors I had enjoyed before the restrictions and responsibilities that employment and parenthood demand, I sought to improve my knowledge and skills (mainly so I didn't get lost so often!). Aiming simply to improve my navigation skills I soon found myself on the Summer Mountain Leader Training scheme which became all consuming. I gained the Summer ML award in April 2012 and also hold the Single Pitch Award. I was delighted to recently gain the International Mountain Leader award and I will also hold the Winter Mountain Leader award as soon as I have completed and submitted my finished log book (oops!). I was born and still live in Gods own country of Yorkshire and my favourite mountain destination is Scotland in winter. 1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform? Corny I know! But a picture definitely says so much more than words could ever do. Instagram provides a platform (for me) to share what I am seeing or experiencing with anyone that is interested or finds a picture accidentally. I know I often just have a general scan through Instagram and come across something that interests me rather than set out looking for something specific. I think this especially applies to images of mountain landscapes as they are generally eye catching and often regarded as places where only the highly skilled, brave or fool hardy may venture! 2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures? Scotland (sorry Yorkshire), especially during winter. The Cairngorm plateau in winter can be stunningly beautiful one minute then wild and threatening the next, definitely an environment that has to be respected. I find that non mountain people sometimes struggle to believe that such landscapes, environments or conditions exist within the British Isles. To view my Instagram page click >here< to view personal blog click >here<

Yoga Pradeva Wardhana - Pradevawardhana

[gdl_gallery title="insta-yog" width="175" height="175" ] My full name is Yoga Pradeva Wardhana, I come from Java in Indonesia. I have loved photography for four years, and it was once just as a hobby. But over time I found my true self through photography. I can say many things to others through my photographic work. My dream is to become a photographer, and communicate ideas and things with people through my photography and also inspire others. 1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform? What's interesting is that Instagram is focused on the photographs, so for those with a penchant for photography have a place to show their work. 2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures? Places that inspire me to take a picture can be anywhere, if I think somewhere has a story that needs to be conveyed to people, I will take photos there. To view my Instagram  Click >here< and to view my flickr click >here<

Houston Brooks - Travelguy92

[gdl_gallery title="insta-hou" width="175" height="175" ] Houston Brooks is a University student in his third year studying Communications. Growing up in Tennessee, USA he has had the opportunity to spend a majority of his life outdoors exploring. He has been to every state within the United States and to multiple countries. He loves to travel and to experience new places and cultures. His favourite place to explore so far has been the great country of Ireland. He is an avid photographer and has been since the age of about 12. His favourite scenes to shoot include landscape, architecture and people. This fall he will be traveling to Kiev Ukraine to voluntarily teach English to school children for several months. 1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform? Instagram is a fantastic branch of the social media network as it is fast moving visual representation of our dreams, adventures and our everyday lives. We are able to share with the world what we hope to achieve, where we want to go, what we are experiencing and how we enjoy our lives. It is visual so it inspires us to explore more, seek out adventure and to have fun. Instagram is amazing because it encourages us to get out of our house, to quit being lazy and to share whatever it is that we discover with others. 2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures? My favourite thing to photograph is what I like to call "an extraordinary shot in an ordinary spot". What I mean by that is we all get complacent with the world around us. It doesn't matter if you live in China, Brazil or France, you get used to everything that is around you and you take it for granted.  We forget that no matter where we are there is something amazing to capture. What’s more is we all have a unique perspective and with that we can find something that evokes a high, an emotion, and that is what makes a photograph great. That is what is worth sharing with the world. That is what makes a photograph more than a snapshot. To view my Instagram click >here< to view my personal blog click >here<

Vilborg Arna Gissurardottir - Adventure_villa

[gdl_gallery title="insta-vil" width="175" height="175" ] I have made much effort to chase my dreams, I have travelled all over Greenland, I enjoy going on sailing expeditions and recently I have walked alone to the South Pole. I enjoyed the privilege of growing up around mountains and glaciers. Conditions in Iceland are often challenging, especially with regard to climate. Icelandic nature has been a good school with all its shades. My background is primarily from tourism I have attended various functions within it. I’m  a professional in tourism from the University College in Hjaltadal and I also have a MBA from the University of Iceland. 1. What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a social platform? Instagram gives me an opportunity to take on to all kinds of adventures through other people’s eyes. It´s an inspiration to see new places, to meet new people and see different cultures. What I really love is the fact that people capture the same moment in different ways, with different eyes which can be an eye-opening experience. 2. Where is your favourite place that inspires you to take pictures? I would say my Iceland my home country fills me with an inspiration every day -it´s so beautiful and powerful at the same time. Nepal plays also a big role in my heart. The people, the culture and the endless beauty of the Himalayas. to view my Instagram click >here< to view my personal blog click >here<
Wow! All those pictures and words were truly inspirational, it’s great to see a social media site like Instagram inspiring people to get out there and enjoy life but still take time to capture an amazing image to share and inspire the world. Oh did I mention we here at Simply Hike are on Instagram click >here< to view our profile. Who do you follow on Instagram? Who inspires you? Just comment below.