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Is Skiing Only for the Rich?

Much of the marketing around skiing holidays support that it is an exclusive sporting break for those from rich households. By aiming their advertising at upper-class individuals and wealthy families, ski resorts are able to charge more money – therefore giving off the impression that skiing always has to be an expensive holiday. Although in many cases, skiing can be expensive, there are many tools that can be used to make it more affordable – even for a working-class family holiday. Many people are often put off skiing because it has a relatively high first-time cost. There’s the equipment to be bought, lessons to be had, as well as transport to a comparatively hard-to-reach location. This needn’t turn people away from the prospect of a skiing holiday. Firstly, once you have bought skiing equipment, this can be used many times over. Think of it as an investment! Similarly, once you have had beginner lessons, these (hopefully) do not need to be retaken! Travelling to different ski resorts also often opens up access to cheaper deals, as you are able to ‘shop around’ whilst there! Another way to make the holiday more affordable is by sharing accommodation. If you’re an individual, try and go with a group – if you’re a family, try hooking up with another family, splitting the cost of a holiday rental property. Alternatively, try looking at a self-catering resort to save costs. The Jasná Low Tatras ski resort (the biggest resort in Slovakia) is known for being inexpensive, hosting very low-priced food and drink. Similarly, the Borovets ski resort in Bulgaria is known for being ideal for beginners, offering low-cost lessons for those wanting to try skiing. A final trick is to purchase your ski equipment before you go on holiday, rather than at a shop whilst you’re there. Being able to purchase in your home country means you’re able to shop around (and online) to get the cheapest ski gear possible. Similarly, second hand good quality gear online or at sales will do just as well, bringing down that cost to be more affordable. The internet opens many doors to drive down the price of a skiing holiday. There are various tools to search for the cheapest flights, the cheapest ski equipment and the cheapest resorts. By bringing international competition together, the internet has made it possible for anyone from any financial background to enjoy a skiing holiday – bringing together people from all social classes. We regularly add discount ski wear to our outlet department so you can get the whole family kitted out for less and head to the slopes in style this winter.