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Kayaking With the Whales: An Adventure of a Lifetime

Kayaking is a unique adventure that offers an exciting way to travel in different countries. You can sail through majestic fjords, among glaciers, through thrilling whitewater, and along smooth crystalline lakes. There are many ways and places to kayak, and some of the most amazing are the stretches of water where you can paddle along right beside whales. Watching whales surface right beside you and spout water out of their blowholes is something you will never forget. There are a few places where this is possible, and if you like kayaking, this is something you absolutely need to take advantage of. San Juan Islands Famous for its orca activity, San Juan Islands are a great place to start a whale watching kayak tour. Putting you up close and personal with killer whales, you can paddle on half day, full day, or multi-day tours of the waters. The beautiful shoreline is a beautiful place to camp and eat while orcas surface to say hello. San Juan Islands are considered the premium place to observe killer whales in the wild, and this kayak tour does not disappoint. Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island When you kayak in Vancouver Island’s Johnstone Strait, you can witness humpback whales surfacing as well as killer whales. These two amazing sea mammals are commonly seen in the Strait, visiting from the open sea. It is one of the most predictable and dependable places to catch a glimpse of these creatures, along with dolphins, seals, porpoises, and other types of whales. Rich in sea life, the tour of the Strait is well worth the effort, and the surrounding rainforest is a beautiful backdrop to the surfacing of the whales. Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia Planning a Patagonia trip? Kayak in the Peninsula Valdes. Paddle along with Southern Right Whales, in a protected nature reserve. The lagoons you will pass through are THE premiere calving grounds for the Southern Right Whale, and you may see the adorable calves swimming alongside their parents. You can also see sea lions and elephant seals in the water, and penguins, Patagonian hares, armadillos, and more populate the shores, making for an unforgettable kayaking experience. Travelling to the end of the world makes for a beautiful kayak trip. If you love kayaking, make sure you kayak alongside wild whales at least once in your life. The freedom and beauty of those marine mammals will make you feel so alive, you’ll want to dive in and swim with them. Sara Stricker is part of a team of dedicated writers who contribute hundreds of quality articles to blogs and sites. She loves travel; please contact her with any questions. Follow her @StrickerSara for more articles.