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Keep Cool This Summer: Our Top Water Bottles

When the summer heat is beating down on you whilst you're walking, scrambling and climbing the hills, having the right water bottle is an absolute must. But with so many choices out there, you might be finding it hard to decide which one is right for you. Luckily for you we're here to save the day! Here's a few of our favourite water bottles for this season...


Camelbak - Eddy Insulated 600ml


The Eddy Insulated 600ml bottle from Camelbak is a brilliant lightweight bottle. This Eddy bottle features Camelbak's 'big bite valve' which makes it easy to drink from and it's a self-sealing valve that will stop any spills and leaks. The bottle also has double wall insulation to keep your drink cooler for longer. It's dishwasher safe, is made from a strong and durable material and is 100% BPA free. This bottle also has Camelbak's 'Got Your Bak' guarantee, which is a lifetime guarantee for the product.


    Katadyn - MyBottle Purifier



    The MyBottle from Katadyn kills two birds with one stone, it's a nice sized water bottle but also filters your water too. It has a 600ml capacity and features Katadyns ViruPur filter. Due to the built-in filter there is no need to add any other chemical cleaning tablets as the filter will remove viruses. A great feature about this is bottle is the brilliantly designed drinking spout, so drinking on the go couldn't be any easier. The filter will need to be replaced but this will only occur every 100 litres (depending on water quality). Other key features include ergonomic design for a better hold, and it's 100% BPA free.


      MSR - Alpine



      The Alpine from MSR is a compact, lightweight water bottle. It can hold up to 750ml of water even though it doesn't really look like it's like the Tardis of water bottles! It's made from traditional stainless steel with a matte black finish, meaning it's lightweight but super strong. This MSR bottle has a Tri Lobe grip to prevent and slips and the lid has been adapted for use with all of the MSR water filters. The Alpine has a quiet thread collar, weighs 246g and due to the stainless steel construction, is 100% BPA free. This bottle is for the traditional hiker but with today's technology hidden inside.


        Lifeventure - Stainless Steel



        If you're after a basic, traditional bottle then look no further than the Stainless Steel bottle from Lifeventure. This is a single-walled stainless steel design. It can hold up to 800ml of water and has a total weight of 160g (when empty). With this water bottle you get a tough plastic screw top and a finger loop, which gives you a secure screw fit, but it's easy to tighten up and undo. Because of the stainless steel design the bottle won't corrode which gives it a long life. The bottle also has a stylish matte finish to it.


          Camelbak - Podium Big Chill



          The Podium big Chill is a great all-rounder water bottle, perfect for hiking, cycling, scrambling and climbing. The podium holds up to 750ml, has a self seal jet valve and the nozzle can be removed easily for cleaning. The Podium Big Chill also has a double wall construction which helps keep your water cooler for longer. Unlike other water bottles this Camelbak can be squeezed to get the water out, making it easy to drink from. This bottle is 100% BPA and has a self sealing valve with a positive lockout which stops spills and leaks. The Podium Big Chill comes with 'Got Your Bak' lifetime guarantee as well so you know you're covered in case of any problems.


          Do you own one of the above? We would love to hear what you have to say so comment below...