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Learn how to ski moguls

Standing at the top of a mogul field you scream inwardly and let out a small squeak. (Hopefully there is no-one close by to hear this whimpering!) You look around for alternative routes but realise that the only way back to your resort is down this seriously scary run of moguls. Already skiing the mogul field are seemingly expert skiers who manage to gracefully zip through the bumps making easy work of the run. All you can see are the “enormous” and numerous bumps. And so you side step your way down the piste and make off feeling more than a little ashamed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Most skiers can learn how to tackle a mogul field if they practise the right technique and gain a little confidence. If you follow this guide to better mogul skiing technique it might well be you who is the skier who looks graceful and controlled the next time you meet a mogul field.

The four steps to skiing a mogul field

Head to a blue slope!

First you need to practise your rhythm. So find an easy slope and point your skis directly down the fall line. Moguls require a fairly constant speed, usually a little faster than you are comfortable with, and flexible short radius turns. Maybe even imagine a mogul field as you zip down the blue slope.

Small beginnings on a mogul field

You are looking for an easy mogul field on a red run. Going for a double black mogul field is trying something too hard too soon. Now try the same technique as before: Ski to the field with your skis pointed directly down the run. Do not enter the mogul field in a traverse. Pick a line through several moguls and imagine this line in your head as you ski off, speeding up and making fast, short turns through these moguls. And then stop to the side of the field. Repeat this method for every five or six moguls.

[caption id="attachment_1071" align="alignleft" width="330" caption="Learn how to ski moguls"][/caption] Don’t fight the bumps

It’s vital that skiers remain flexible in their lower body so as to “ride" the moguls. The aim is to turn on the sides of the moguls, rather than in the trough between the moguls or over the top of the moguls. Let the moguls guide your knees up and down, keeping your skis pointed down the fall line and in contact with the snow. Think about letting the mogul bumps compress your knees up and down. Using a pole plant as a guide will help, too, so plant your ski poles near the top of the mogul, favouring the downhill side.

Keep on practising the moguls

Practice makes perfect and this is definitely the case with mogul fields. Take it easy and try to ski more moguls as you go along. Stay relaxed, let your legs and knees take the bumps, keep your skis in contact with the snow, plant your poles and keep doing short, quick turns. Once you feel confident enough you can head back to that tricky mogul slope first encountered on day one of your skiing holiday and show everyone how much you have learned! * Look out for a future blog that looks at skiing moguls according to age and flexibility. Do you have any top tips for skiing moguls?