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Make Camp Cooking Easier

Whether you enjoy camp cooking or find it a chore, there are a few tips which might help make your camping trip easier. We have put together some hints and tips which we think will be the most helpful so that you can spend less time preparing, cooking and cleaning and more time enjoying your evening around the camp fire.



- Before you head on your trip, if you get a chance then cook things like chilli, bolognese and soups before you go and freeze them. You can then easily reheat them on your camping stove for a quick meal! Plus things like frozen meat and drinks inside your cooler will keep your other food cooler for longer, and don't forget large blocks of ice will last longer than individual cubes.


    - It's probably a good idea to keep your drinks in a separate cooler so that you don't have to open the food cooler too often.


    - If you keep your pots covered when cooking outdoors your food will cook quicker and you will save on fuel. Plus, it helps to keep insects and dirt out of what you're cooking.


    - Don't forget to keep food stored away or above ground level so that you don't attract any unwanted visitors.


    - Also, if you want easy cleaning after your meal and you want to protect your pots from smoke and fire damage then simply put liquid soap on the outside of your pots and pans before you put them over flames. If you're using a grill to do your cooking then pour a little oil over it to stop your food from sticking and burning. Always make sure you use fireproof cooking equipment and keep the handles of pots and pans away from extreme heat and flames.


    - Use a leather or suede work glove as a oven mitt to keep you well protected from the heat.


    - If you put a pan of hot water on the stove or fire while you eat, it'll be ready to use for the washing up once you're all done. If your pan has burnt on food on it, then boil it with a water and a bit of washing up liquid in it to lift the dirt and make it easier to clean.


    - Some foods are better than others for camping. Bread like pitta bread stays in better shape and packs a lot easier than other types of bread. Instant foods, such as baked beans and spaghetti make for great camp meals and are quick to do, we do sell a variety of meal pouches which just need to be heated up. Good little snacks and energy foods like granola bars, dried fruits, beef jerky and GORP trail mix are great for camping.


    - Keep food in a re-sealable bag in your cooler to keep water out. Plus the re-sealable bag can be used as a rubbish bag once you have finished with it.


    - Try to replenish your ice often to keep your food cool at all times.


    - If your cooler starts to smell then a useful tip is to clean it with water and baking soda solution, it will get rid of the horrible odour.


    - If you have lots of left overs on your last day at the camp, then why not make a great omelette with them? You can almost use any ingredient in a omelette and it means you don't have to take your left overs home with you!