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Make the Most of Your Package Ski Holidays with These Smartphone Apps

When you are preparing for your ski vacation this year, you are probably getting your equipment ready, packing your scarf and gloves and looking forward to hitting the slopes. However, have you thought about preparing your smart phone for your ski holiday as well? Your smart phone can actually be your best friend on the ski hill, as there are so many fun apps out there that help you to get the most out of your holiday. Here are a few of the cheap and free apps that you can download to enhance your skiing experience: Ski Club Snow Reports Before you head out on your ski holiday, you can check out the snow conditions at your destination for free with this clever app. It lets you check the depth of the snow at most major resorts as well as providing information and up to date reports on the slopes and the chair lifts. Ski Maps This app will allow you to go off piste and explore your own trails for the afternoon and still be able to find your way back safely. This clever app will allow you to download the map for the ski resort onto your mobile and will use your phone’s GPS to find your exact location. It will then calculate a way back to the resort for you, so feel free to blaze your own trail to your heart’s content without worrying about getting lost. This app costs £1.99 to download. Ski Tracks This £0.69 app is a lot of fun to use and will allow you to track all of your skiing adventures on your package ski holiday. You can simply switch it on when you start skiing in the morning and it will track your movements throughout the day, revealing your fastest run, distance travelled and average speed. It can even measure the altitude! Now at least when you are bragging about your skiing prowess, you will have the statistics to back it up. Liftopia If you are looking to save money on package ski holidays, this app allows you to compare prices for discounted lift tickets at more than 150 resorts. You can buy your cheap ski passes and lift tickets directly from the app or from the website which is synced up with it. You can even show your receipt on your iPhone screen at the ticket window so that you don’t have to print out a paper voucher. Snocru If you are heading out on the slopes alone and want to make new friends, Snocru can make the skiing experience a lot more social. This free app will allow you to see who else is on the slopes with you so that you can meet up with members of your “cru”. You can set your status and exchange messages as well as view the profiles of other nearby Snocru users. The app also gives you badges based on your check-ins at different ski resorts on your ski holiday and it show you where the most popular places are in town where you can hang out after your run. As well as these cool features, you will be able also measure your speeds on the ski hill, your altitude in feet and your exact locations. Ski School Why pay for lessons from a skiing instructor when you can improve your technique with lessons from your phone instead? Whether you are a total beginner or an expert skier, you can always learn something new. The Ski School app gives you helpful video tutorials of skiing techniques for all different skills levels from beginner to advanced level. Mammut Safety Don’t go out on the ski hill without this very important safety app. It will keep you updating on all of the avalanche bulletins in the area and it also has an emergency SOS feature. If you are in need of assistance, you can use the contact system to send your exact co-ordinates to the local emergency services. This app is free, easy to use and it might just save your life. These are just a few of the best apps that you can download which will help you make the most of your ski holiday. Before you head out on your package ski holidays, make sure that you download these helpful apps to get the most out of your experience.