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Mammut: Matterhorn 150th Anniversary

Matterhorn For Summer 2015 Mammut are introducing something special to the outdoor world: the Matterhorn collection. You’ll find the Matterhorn Mountain on the border of Switzerland and Italy, in the Alps, reaching high into the sky with the summit at 4,478 metres (14,692 ft) making it one of the highest peaks in the Alps. Conquering the Matterhorn is no easy feat and it has taken the lives of many who have tried to climb the unclimbable. However every summer it is a popular location for many mountaineers who like to test their might, attempting to climb the mountain via the northeast Hörnli ridge, from the Hörnli hut located south-west of the town of Zermatt. backpacking-hiking_zermatt_A4S9718b_4c The world famous mountain has become a Swiss tradition and a favourite in Alpinism; the first ascent being in July 1865, exactly 150 years ago. And that is what brings this iconic landmark and Mammut together. Mammut began exactly 150 years ago in Switzerland and has become a tour-de-force in the outdoors world, providing clothing, gear and rucksacks to technical, alpine enthusiasts. Steeped in Swiss tradition and alpinism, you can see why Mammut and Matterhorn make the perfect pair. And so the two will together celebrate their anniversary with the Mammut Matterhorn product line, a range of styles and colours that represent everything that the two have stood for in their illustrious histories. Coming with all the great technologies that Mammut is famous and loved for, Simply Hike presents a handpicked selection of the best from this great range. You can look unique and have a story to tell your fellow walkers that will no doubt impress.  

Mammut: Hornli Hut Jacket

1 Check out the Hörnli Hut jacket, a warm, comfortable fleece midlayer for men. Named after the small building situated 3,260 metres (10,700 ft) above sea level and a focal point in the ascent of the Matterhorn. The Hörnli Hut jacket packs some great features like Pontetorto Tecnostretch which gives the Hörnli a four way stretch, this offers a lot more freedom of movement making it ideal for any hiker or climber. The Hörnli has effective moisture wicking which works perfectly with its regular fit and it also features two front zipped pockets and a fashionable hood. The Hörnli Hut jacket from Mammut is perfect for climbers, scramblers, trail runners and alpinists.


Mammut: Women’s Hornli Ridge Tee

2 The Hörnli Ridge Tee for women offers a cool, relaxed look and features the iconic summit that so many have dreamed of reaching as a print. Talking about how impressive this ridge is doesn't really do it any justice, you need to see it for yourself. This tee is a great one to own just as a piece of climbing and hiking memorabilia. The detail on this Mammut tee really does stand out and any hiker or climber would be proud to wear it! The Hörnli Ridge Tee does feature a UPF of 30+ which is pretty good and thanks to it's 95% cotton and 5% elastane mix it offers a great fit but is also breathable. The Women’s Hörnli Ridge tee is perfect for wearing pretty much anywhere whether it’s climbing mountains, scrambling in the peaks, to wearing around town. Or even if you're a geek like us lot here at Simply Hike you could frame it just for the cool print!


Mammut: Zermatt Jacket

3 For men, the Zermatt jacket gives waterproof protection, is lightweight and gets its name from the village located in the shadow of the mountain. While researching this post we found a cool picture of the Matterhorn taken from Zermatt on Google maps. The Zermatt Jacket is a great piece to add to Mammut's Matterhorn collection. The jacket uses Mammut's DRYtech system which will keep you dry no matter the weather! DRYtech is also very breathable making it ideal for hotter days. It's light and small which means it’s easy to stow away in your pack when not needed. It features 2 zipped hand pockets and 1 inner pocket, an adjustable hood, Velcro cuffs and a pre shaped brim. This jacket is ideal for a range of people including hikers, climbers, scramblers and alpinists or even people just coastal walking or taking the dog for a walk.


Mammut: Shoulder Jacket

4 The Shoulder Jacket from Mammut is a great lightweight waterproof, breathable jacket suited to all types of weather. This jacket is made from Pertex Equilibrium which gives the jacket great flexibility making it perfect for the active hiker and climber. The Shoulder Jacket has a DWR coating meaning that no matter the weather, you will be dry! It’s also really breathable as the DWR coating works perfectly with the Pertex technology. This Mammut jacket has two backpack and climbing harness compatible zipped pockets with an easy accessible chest pocket. This is yet another reason why it's ideal for people hiking, climbing, via ferrata, coastal walking or even walking the dog!   Many have dreamed, some have succeeded and sadly some have failed to reach the top of the Matterhorn Mountain. With Mammut’s collection, commemorating their history and the first ascent of the iconic Swiss mountain, you can go out and achieve your dream in comfort and style.