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Mexico Trails For Adventure Lovers

Trekking enthusiasts looking to go off the beaten track this year are being advised to give Mexico a try. The country has fewer well-known adventure trails than neighbouring USA, but they can provide an experience just as rich. San Cristobal de Las Casas, a region in the Chiapas Highlands of southern Mexico, has some of the most popular hiking trails in the country winding through pine forests and hilly terrain. It is a place famous for its rich, indigenous culture and colonial architecture that stems from its long history. Dotted around the high-altitude region are little villages that still follow centuries-old Mayan traditions. Visitors walking through them have the chance to get a close up view of their art and traditions such as textile-making. Not far from the city is the Sumidero Canyon and the surrounding national park. The canyon's cliffs overlook the Grijalva River where visitors can take speed boat tours.