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Montane Women's Terra Ridge Pants Review

I can honestly say that the Terra Ridge Pants were the clothing highlight of my very first long distance hike in The Peak District. I am 5 foot 9 and have usually always had difficulty finding trousers that fit me length ways as well as round the waist, and these trousers really were true to size and fitted me like a well-fitting glove! To be honest I was over the moon just by this alone at the start but as we started our journey I discovered that there were many things that made these enjoyable to hike in. IMG_1532 One element in particular that stood out was the material. It was made from a super stretchy and lightweight fabric, which gave me great freedom of movement when I was scrambling/climbing up rocky terrains and the DWR makes them nice and water resistant! On a personal note, they were also just genuinely comfortable. I’m quite fussy with trousers and hate any that itch or are so tight that they cut off the blood circulation in your legs – and take my word for it that these trousers were anything but this. They were also super durable, being my first proper hike there were times when I was slipping and sliding around and not once did these trousers show any signs of wear and tear. At one point we were even off trail and scrambling up waterfalls and at the end they still looked brand spanking new (definitely a benefit of investing in a mid/high end pant) They are cut to flatter your lower body rather than just hang off you, which is great if you want to make a bit of a fashion statement, and the zipped pockets give you enough space to fit in your loose change, gloves etc. The belt has an easy adjuster system, giving you the perfect fit and helps stop them falling down when your scrambling! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is starting out and wants to invest in a pair of trousers, which are comfortable and reliable.