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New Brand: Gregory Rucksacks now at Simply Hike

PalisadeDeva_MG_8370 Gregory daypacks and rucksacks are now available at Simply Hike in a huge range of colours and styles to suit any outdoor pursuit.


The Gregory Heritage:

Gregory was founded in 1977 by Wayne Gregory in California and his goal was to develop packs with excellent fit and therefore comfort. His philosophy is ‘That a pack, like a shoe, is worn, not carried’ and so must be properly sized or fitted for your individual torso length. He wanted to know what worked and what didn't and based his designed on customers’ ideas and feedback to build his backpacks. Gregory was the first to build backpacks with different harness, frame and hip belt sizes and is still the only manufacturer to develop a hip-belt system which adjusts to fit different hip angles therefore improving load transfer. Gregory rucksacks were also the first to develop a centre locking bar stitch which locks the centre of a seam to increase strength even on major stress points. Gregory packs are innovative, ergonomic and provide a comfortable fit thanks to different frame sizes. They have an obsession with fit and load management which extends throughout their entire rucksack range.


All about the fit - The Gregory Fit Philosophy:

When fitting a rucksack height has nothing to do with it. Gregory focuses on your torso length, or more specifically the distance between the C7 vertebrae and the Iliac Crest (bony ridge on the top of your hip bone). Having a great fitting rucksack means the pack weight is carried by the hips resulting in a comfortable fit, more energy and an epic hike. In their quest for the ultimate rucksack fit, Gregory also offer a range of packs that have an adjustable waist belt for one time adjustment. On larger packs a full interchangeable harness and waist-belt is included!


Proper Torso Measurement:

So how do we measure our torsos? Check out the Gregory video below on how we measure the fit of your Gregory pack in store.

Once you have the measurement and selected the pack size from our range try it on with some weight added and bulk the pack out. You can then try the pack on and make some micro adjustments.

Measuring your Torso at home:

Watch this video to see how to measure yourself at home.

If you’re measuring at home you’ll need a tape measure and a friend to help measure your spine.

  • Find the Illiac Crest which is the top of the bony section of your hip. You can find this by locating your belly button and running your hands round to the sides.
  • Locate the C7 vertebrae at the base of the neck. This can be easily found by resting your chin on your chest and finding the large protruding bump.
  • Bring your head back up and place the end of the tape measure on the C7 vertebrae and run the tape flush down your back to the iliac crest. This measurement can be converted to pack size using our size chart.

A word about Womens Specific Fit:

Designed and tested by women Gregory guarantees a comfortable fit on their female specific packs. Gregory womens rucksacks have narrower back panels, female specific harness with a shaped cut around the front and steeper waist belt angles.