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New Camping Products: Terra Nova

Fresh on our shelves is new equipment from Terra Nova! Check out a few of our favourite products so far….

Terra Nova – Dead Guy

50562 So what is the Dead Guy all about? Well the Dead Guy from Terra Nova acts as a weight for attaching to guylines when the ground is too hard to put pegs into the ground. All you need to do is fill the Dead Guy with rocks, sand or gravel to hold your tent to the ground, this stabilises your tent. The Dead Guy is made from a PU coating and has two brass eyelets and 1 metre of guyline.  

Terra Nova – Superlite Ti Angle Peg Pack

50575 The Superlite Ti from Terra Nova is a set of pegs. The Superlite pegs have an individual weight of 10g (yeah that is pretty light weight). These pegs have been designed to be put into the ground at any angle and will give you an amazing hold. They work perfectly at critical load bearing points when weight is a issue. The Superlite Ti have an overall length of 15cm, are made from Titanium and finally you get six in a pack.  

Terra Nova – Solar Ultra 2 Tent

50589 The Solar Ultra 2 Tent from Terra Nova is an amazing lightweight tent, it weighs in at just 772g! It has a HH of 10,000, comes with ally poles, ventilation ports, sewn in groundsheet and pitches inner first. This tent is the lightest 2 person free standing tent in the world. It uses Ultra fabric which is 25% stronger and half the weight of traditional woven Ripstop nylon, has a small pack size, is a 3 season tent and also features DAC alloy poles and pegs. Perfect for anyone who wants the lightest pack weight on their next adventure.

Terra Nova – Bothy 2 Shelter

46446 The Bothy 2 from Terra Nova is one of the best two man Bothys (emergency shelter) on the market. It has a pack size of 22cm x 11.5cm, a total weight of 370g and mesh vents for breathability. Within seconds you can have the Bothy 2 up, giving you all the shelter you need from the wind, rain and sun. Another thing to note from this Terra Nova product is that it can be used in temperatures as extreme as -30 degrees.  

Terra Nova – Jupiter Bivi Bag

40993-1 The Jupiter Bivi from Terra Nova is a comfortable and light weight bivi. It has a Gore-Tex membrane giving you 100% waterproofing and at the front you have a mesh front door to increase the breathability when sleeping in it and to help keep the bugs out. It's also light weight (840g) and has a five minute pitch time. This bivi is perfect for those wanting to reduce weight and space in their packs.

Terra Nova – Adventure Tarp 1

46439 The perfect partner for the Jupiter mentioned above is the Adventure Tarp 1 from Terra Nova. This tarp is lightweight (367g packed) and has a size of 1.4m x 2.4m. It also has reinforced eyelets, webbing tapes for multiple set up and is ideal as a cover for a bivi. Another bonus is that it has a guarantee to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the first year after purchase.   So there we have it, our favourite new products from Terra Nova (so far). Do you own anything by Terra Nova? And where have you been with it? Just comment below.