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New Hydroshell Advanced Waterproof Technology from Berghaus

Here at Simply Hike we like to keep a finger on the pulse of outdoor evolution so we can bring you the newest of technologies. With this in mind get ready to feast your eyes upon the next generation of Berghaus waterproof technology, Hydroshell. Enhanced comfort, durable fabric and featuring an even lighter version of the so called “world’s lightest waterproof”, Hydroshell is certainly sending shockwaves through the hiking world.





Hiker vs. Water

A tale as old as trekking itself, this is a battle that has had many winners and many losers, but man now has a new weapon in their arsenal. Available in our spring/summer 2015 range, Hydroshell is 100% waterproof. A shell with reliable durability and storm level of protection for a drier experience in even the worst conditions. It is ideal for hiking, trekking, multi-sport activities or even just a quick dog walking session.



Lightweight and Odour Resistant

Hydroshell works with a PU-based waterproof and breathable membrane technology with different weights to work with different activities. The Vapourlight Hyper Smock 2.0 weighs in at an incredibly light 75g, shedding 35g from the first version which was already described as the world’s lightest waterproof. The fabric is filmy and semi translucent, giving the unit a 23% more packable rate, perfect for those conscious about weight on a trek.

The Light Hike Hydroshell jacket uses Hydroshell Elite with 15,000mm hydrostatic head and added breathability. An odour-resistant backer offers longer-lasting freshness and moisture management so you can feel comfortable. The Light Hike Hydroshell jacket also comes with over-trousers and is a great jacket for all kinds of activities, from a multi-day hike to a dog walk.





Researched and Tested

Built from consumer research, the Hydroshell range has been thought out to aid in your outdoor experience. And the fact that it was tested by award winning climbers gives it the added assurance that you are in safe hands. Great for technical hikers, it has already caught the attention of the hiking community, winning awards and being put through its paces during expeditions, including one to Nepal for the 1200km Great Himalayan Trail.



Hydroshell vs. Gore-Tex

Berghaus already comes with 50 years’ experience under their belt when it comes to constructing waterproof garments and Hydroshell comes fully tested in the harshest of conditions. Does this all mean it is better than Gore-Tex? Well, waterproof is waterproof no matter what and both technologies promise this so we must consider other options. When it comes to reputation Gore-Tex certainly has the waterproof market covered however this new technology from Berghaus is looking to build on their status in world of waterproof hiking. Their Hydroshell range certainly adds to their innovative products with the added bonus of a more affordable price than the top end Gore-Tex gear.





In Conclusion…

Waterproof, comfortable, breathable and packed with features to make you and your jacket go further, the new Hydroshell technology from Berghaus is a solid addition to include in your hiking wardrobe. There are many waterproof options out there but what makes this one special is the lightweight nature of it. Made with fabrics for better durability and longer lasting water repellent treatment that’s claimed to last longer, you will have a jacket that can truly go the distance. And Berghaus has given it the Adventure Guarantee so feel free to step out to nature no matter what kind of sky greets you.



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