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New In - Stance Hiking Socks

Brand new to Simply Hike this autumn, we are delighted to introduce Stance, a sock designer unlike any you have seen before. Reinventing the mundane and much-maligned sock, Stance have transformed the world’s least favourite Christmas present into a place of art, self-expression and innovation. Stance works with athletes, performers and pioneering designers to create a range of socks that is anything but ordinary. Featuring collaborations with the likes of the NBA and Rihanna, and producing collections inspired by Disney, Star Wars, and His Royal Highness the Fresh Prince, Stance continually surprises and delights, culminating in the creation of technical, hardworking socks ideal for your wild adventures, and your wild self.




All of Stance’s socks are outstanding, but here are a few of our favourites:



The soft-grey Mens Talus Hike Crew Sock has a cool geometric knit that looks great and is wonderfully comfortable. Cushioned in key areas, this sock provides ideal ergonomic support, with a reinforced toe and heel for extra durability and comfort. Wool fibres trap in heat and wick away moisture, keeping your feet warm and dry, perfect for long hikes and rambling in the country.





Hot pinks circle the Womens Blazing Outdoor Crew Sock, blending fiery style with cool comfort for feet that won’t burn out. Anatomical cushioning provides support at key areas, giving a great ergonomic fit that prevents foot fatigue. The reinforced toe and heel gives extra protection and durability, while the wool fusion fabric gives excellent insulation while ensuring your feet don’t overheat.




Ideal for an adventure in the wilderness, the Mens Hitchcock Outdoor Crew Sock has understated style and great functionality. Exceptional moisture management wicks away sweat to ensure a dry foot, while the wool blend fabric insulates and gives you a super-soft feel. With ergonomic support cushioning your feet at critical zones, you get an anatomically precise fit and outstanding comfort.





The mountain patterned Womens Peak Hike Crew Sock is sure to get you there and back again. The wool fusion is breathable, yet insulated, keeping you warm and fresh on your trek, while the anatomical cushioning gives you the support and fit you need to fight foot fatigue. With a seamless toe closure there’s no chafing, and the moisture management system takes sweat away from your skin, for a dry foot and ultimate comfort.