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Optimus Multi Fuel Stoves - Part 1 : How they work [VIDEO]

[youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube]   Hello my name is Roger and I work for Lyon Equipment and we are the distributor in the UK for Optimus and I'm here to show you a multi fuel stove.  Multi Fuel stoves actually there are two parts to, there's the fuel bottle which has the pump inside, which feeds the fuel down a hose and into the stove. That's a liquid fuel and that could be white gas, unleaded, it could be paraffin, diesel, it could be jet fuel. That's a liquid that comes down here (the hose) and within this part of the stove (base) it needs to turn into a gas and then burn as a gas up here (burner) so we need something hot in here (base) to burn away. So these are the two parts (bottle, stove) I'm going to focus on the bottle first and the pump. So we've got the bottle and the pump here and Optimus have a very cunning but simple system where on the pump if I have it that way up it reads 'ON', and what's happening is, is this hose is feeding from the liquid that's inside the bottle and that's liquid fuel that's then going down the hose and into the stove. If I turn this over (pump) it then reads 'OFF' when it's in the off position like that then it's sucking air from the top part of the bottle when it's lying down and it's not getting any more liquid fuel, therefore the air is going to follow the fuel down the hose and along the feeder pipe into the stove and it's going to purge itself, and the stove will then switch off naturally and we've got rid of any fuel left in the line. Now anybody who has used liquid fuel stoves before will know that if you don't have something like that going on then you have a dribble of fuel and if you get some diesel in your food, diesel or unleaded petrol or whatever into things it's not very pleasant and we want to avoid that and this purges the system and keeps everything really nice and clean and it means that you're not wasting fuel. Now when we come to light the stove, and burn the stove, when I flip this over into the 'OFF' position you'll notice that there is quite a long time from when it is put into 'OFF' until the stove goes out. It's quite handy to look at that because it gives you an idea of how wonderfully efficient this stove is and how little fuel you need to be cooking with this stove. So these are very efficient, very economical and they work with lots of different fuels.   Watch Part Two HERE.