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Optimus - Types of Stoves and Fuels [VIDEO]

[youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube] Hello, I'm Roger and I work for Lyon Equipment and we are the UK Distributor for Optimus. I'm here today to give you an overview of stoves and cooking and this is really for people who might be doing some family camping in a camp-site or maybe in wild and remote areas. First of all I'd like to give you an overview of stove types and the type of fuel as this could be your first decision. You can have a gas stove which might be very compact like this (shows a compact small stove) and creating a tower such as that one there (small stove set up) or you can have a gas stove that's running off a larger gas canister and a bit lower in profile or you might have a liquid fuel stove.  Liquid fuel you keep in a bottle like this (long bottle) with a pump and gas comes like this (small round canister). The choices here are really relatively simple. Gas is very clean and is available in certain countries so if your in Europe or North America, you can get gas. It's very clean and simple to use but is rather expensive in comparison to liquid fuel, so if you're travelling to more remote areas or if you're a high user of the stoves and you want to be more economic on both waste and the cost of the fuel, then the multi fuel stoves are probably going to be  a better choice. The multi fuel stoves will run off white gas which you can buy in most camping shops, it will run off unleaded petrol, it'll run off kerosene, paraffin, diesel or jet fuel if you happen to have a aircraft nearby that you can steal some fuel from! So in a very brief summary of this, fuel choice being your first thing, this (liquid fuel) is for the more extreme user, the person using the stove a lot and travelling to wild areas and this (gas) is for somebody who might be in Europe or North America and want a simple clean fuel.