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Outdoor Blogger Awards 2015 - Results

Simply Hike Blogger Awards 2015 Results So guys this is it, this is what the past month (and a bit) has all been about! But before we announce the winners and finalists we would like to thank all the bloggers for their amazing work on spreading the word of the Simply Hike Blogger Awards 2015!  The response we got was and still is amazing! All the results were so close in some cases just one or two votes away! Because it was a very close call between most of the blogs and also because of all the hard work that everyone has put in we have decided to create a "finalists" award as well. So without any further delays the Simply Hike blogger Awards 2015 results are below.

Newbie Outdoor Blog Award:

 Winner: All The Gear But No Idea
Finalists: Discover Outdoor Ed | My Dad's Boots | Hannah's Edinburgh To London Walk

Climbing Blog Award:

 Winner: Mountain Girl
Finalists: Greg Boswell Climbing | Ethan Walker Climbing | Charlotte Garden | Hiking Finland

Camping Blog Award:

 Winner: Hammocker
Finalists: Electronic Mountain Leader | Get Out With The Kids | Camping With Style | A Squirrel Goes Touring

Hiking & Walking Blog Award:

 Winner: Crossing Aotearoa
Finalists: GB Coast Walk | Fiona Outdoors | Two Blondes Walking | South Downs Walking

Travel Blog Award:

 Winner: Two Monkeys Travel
Finalists: Ladyexplorer | Absolutely Lucy | The Girl Outdoors | Army Life Travels

Outdoor Photography Blog Award:

Winner: Jonna Jinton
Finalists: The Active Photographer | The Outdoor Photographer | Will Hawkes Photography | Destination Anywhere
So there we have it! This years blogger awards are done and dusted! Thank you to all the bloggers in the awards, we love reading your blogs here at Simply Hike keep up the amazing work! We can't wait for next years awards now! If you would like to see all the entries in this years blogger awards then have a read of our Best Outdoor Blogs 2015 blog.


  • Oh yes, and Shaun – you are a pretty cool chap too (although you will never convince me to get in a hammock!)

    Two Blondes Walking
  • A double whammy for family Blonde Two. ‘Hammocker’ aka Six-Foot-Blonde won the camping category and Two Blondes Walking were finalists in the Walking and Hiking one. A joint celebration due and thanks to all who voted.

    Two Blondes Walking
  • Well done everyone! I am so incredibly pleased that ‘My Dad’s Boots’ is a Newbie Blog finalist. :0) Thank you Simply Hike, Shaun and everyone that voted for MDB….. Means a lot! Tight laces…. Kx

    Kate @ MDB
  • Congratulations to all of the winners! Delighted that Camping With Style was a finalist, and thank you to all of those who voted for my blog :)

    Shell @ Camping With Style

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