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Polycotton Tents: The Pro's and Con's

bigstock-Beautiful-view-of-calm-lake-lo-22177499 When you are hiking away all day and exploring the vast trails, you will no doubt want to end a long trek comfortably under a tent. The tent for any camping experience is critical in protecting you from the elements while you drift off to sleep, and should your tent be leaking or stiflingly hot depending on the weather you could lose out on the precious shut eye you need. Any outdoor enthusiast can attest to wanting to find just the right tent to create the best sleeping conditions. Tents can come in varying fabrics and made from different materials, but by far the most breathable ones are made out of polycotton. Unlike nylon or polyester, polycotton tents are much more suited to hotter environments where even at night the temperatures don't dip that much.  Further if you are camping or travelling through climates that are especially humid, these specific tents will do wonders to keep those sleeping inside as cool as possible. Yet the great thing about polycotton tents is that they are also adept at keeping dry due to the same breathable nature that keeps you cool inside. It will only take a very short amount of time in the airy outdoors for the tent to dispel any moisture, and if you are suddenly met with a few showers you can be sure that your tent won't be sagging under saturation. Polycotton tents are also going to last you much longer than nylon or polyester ones, which is definitely an economic draw! The downside that comes with purchasing a polycotton tent is that all of those benefits are going to come with some added weight. These tents can be anywhere between five and ten percent heavier than others, which could be a hindrance if you are constantly relocating and carrying your tent on your back. If the majority of your time will be spent traversing across vast distances and your nightly camp sites are ever changing this extra weight might make the going a bit tougher; however if you plan to work off of a single camp site these tents are ideal. This is even more true if you are going to be in places that are hotter and more humid. Certainly all the benefits that come with a polycotton tent should outweigh any extra burden. Your tent is an important part of your camping equipment and gear and by going with one that is both more durable and breathable you can make your camping and hiking holiday all that more enjoyable.