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Simply Hike in Snowdonia: Day One

Day One: Location, Location, Location

So it’s day one of our week here in sunny North Wales. Today it was all about finding locations to shoot advice videos, take lots of photos for the website, and to be honest get our “mountain legs” on to ready us for the upcoming week. The morning started out like any other hiking trip…weather check. We had a rough idea of where we wanted to go but as every hiker knows you are always ruled by the weather! Luckily for us the forecast predicted low fog in the morning which will lift and patches of rain throughout the day. DayOne7 Where did we head to I hear you all say? Well to warm up our “mountain legs” we headed off to the Devils Kitchen (appendix) to hike the main trail around the beautiful Llyn Idwal. En route to the Devils Kitchen we passed Tryfan and let’s just say Adam and Eve looked a bit eerie up there as they broke through the clouds! We spent a lot of our time just looking at the scenery and seeing what would make a beautiful backdrop for our advice videos so lots of time spent just standing and staring…. What other hikers must of thought of us….ok maybe we shouldn’t go there! But we had a great time following the trail, jumping over a waterfall and scrambling down to lower ground and guess what??? Yup, it didn’t rain once! Happy days! Because of our early start (and while the weather was still nice) we decided to pay Moel Siabod a visit. So we re-grouped, recharged, and headed off to trek another mountain! Moel Siabod is a beautiful mountain (one of my favourites) and this is why every five or so minutes we were stopping to take photos and video…this is when we decided due to the weather being so nice let’s have a crack at making some advice videos. DayOne4 In true Wales nature we had filmed two (which was two more that we had planned to film today) advice videos and the heavens started to open! So we had to pack up and head home. Before you say anything we aren’t going to tell you what we filmed you will just have to wait and see. Day one of our Snowdonia adventure is complete! We are all pretty tired but our “mountain legs” are ready for tomorrow! Want to follow our journey this week? Just search for #SHSnowdonia on Twitter and Instagram. See you tomorrow for day two!