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Simply Hike in Snowdonia: Day Two

Day Two: Costa Del Wales

After all of  yesterday's walking we drank our hot cocoa and went to bed…..with the sound of rain hitting against the window. The next morning we woke up at about 7 am and guess what, it was still raining! We had planned to shoot a trail video as we ascended the beauty that is Tryfan, which has awesome grade one scrambles and the summit has the world famous Adam & Eve which (of course) we were going to back flip! But two things had stopped us. Firstly, the rain. It would have made the scrambles far too hard to scramble up, and secondly, serious thick hill fog had dropped on us, meaning even if we had reached the summit all the footage we would have captured would have been a “white out”. This would have been useless for us as it would have been unusable. DayTwo1 So we took out our trusty maps and tried to pick a spot that would shelter us from the rain. Even with the hill fog we spotted somewhere that would still give us an amazing backdrop so we eventually decided that we would check out what the Watkin Path had to offer us! Although driving through hill fog can be daunting (especially on Welsh roads) every so often it would break and show just a glimpse of summit or a ridge of a mountain and it was truly breathtaking! After finally making our way to the next location we parked up, wrapped up and headed onto the Watkins Path. I’m not going to lie, the weather had turned for the worse but we pushed on because we knew that it would get better the further in we walked on the trail. We were on the brink of giving up, we were pretty wet through (it was some seriously wet rain people!) and for morale it doesn’t help when you see people turn back on a trail. Despite how wet we were we persisted, all we needed to do was get into the right spot! And then we turned a corner and the rain went from crazy mad to light and patchy and the wind dropped to practically nothing! BRILLIANT! Thank you very much duwiau mynydd (mountain gods). Keeping it low really paid off in the end. We then spent our time filming more advice videos, capturing some amazing photos, and pushing our waterproofs to their limits! DayTwo2 According to the Met Office the weather is looking a bit better tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to film a trail summit video! We are thinking of Tryfan or Moel Siabod, but let’s just see what the weather wants us to do! Want to follow our journey this week? Just search for #SHSnowdonia on Twitter and Instagram. See you tomorrow for day three!