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Simply Hike's Top 5 Videos For Autumn Walking

As many of you are aware, we here at Simply Hike pride ourselves on the advice videos we produce on our YouTube channel. This summer we spent a week in Wales working on our own advice videos as well as working with our guest blogger Rob Johnson, giving you the best advice for the summer period. But a lot of these videos aren't just useful in the summer, you can also use the skills in these advice videos when autumn walking as well, hence the point of this blog. So here's our top picks of the videos to help you when you're out adventuring this season...

Pacing & Distance Using A Map

What To Do If You Get Lost When Hill Walking

Four Steps To Help Plan Your Route

Hill Walking Advice

Top Tips For Staying Safe When Hill Walking

Do you think we missed something? Or have you thought of an advice video we could do? Then just comment below....