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Ski helmet sales rise after death


The death of Natasha Richardson triggered a rise in the number of ski helmets sold in the UK, manufacturers have claimed. The 45-year-old actress, who was not wearing a helmet while on the slopes, died from bleeding in her skull caused by a fall. While sales of the item have risen steadily for the past few years, winter outfitter Ellis Brigham said this year had witnessed a particularly pronounced increase of 58%. Similarly, snow sports company Snow and Rock said its sales had tripled.


Anecdotal evidence of the increase has been seen on the slopes, where many say they have been struck by how frequently they see helmets worn. Some resorts, such as Vali Resorts in Canada, have even made wearing the items compulsory for children and employees this season. Buoyed by the latest technological developments, most decent helmets are now light and come in an endless variety of styles and colours. Their increasing use has also forced down the price, with the most popular models selling for around £50.