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Skiers Warned Over Travel Insurance

AXA Insurance has estimated that up to one million Britons who go on a ski or snowboarding holiday do not have the necessary travel insurance, leaving themselves exposed to costs running into tens of thousands of pounds in case of an accident abroad. AXA found in its study that around one in six adults in Britain enjoy a ski or snowboarding holiday, but a worrying tenth of these will take out no travel insurance. Although a quarter of holidaymakers will look for an annual travel insurance policy, only 50% of those will actually verify if the policy offers them adequate protection for winter sports. The insurer found that there is a worrying lack of understanding about insurance among skiers and snowboarders. About a fifth do not think it would cover them for injuries, while a third believe that no cover would be offered for transport home in case they are injured. Amanda Edwards from AXA travel insurance said: "Dealing with an injury is stressful enough but having no insurance could mean the damage lasts until long after the plaster cast has been removed." Figures show that a quarter of skiers and snowboarders claim to have suffered some sort of injury while on holiday.