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Skiing in Australia Vs. New Zealand

Skiing in Australia Vs. New Zealand

There is a lot of great skiing in Australia and New Zealand but which one is all around, better? Between snowfall, ski prices, runs and activities, looking at which country you’d rather play in the snow in – can be easily decided by our research, below:

For the longest runs:

• Australia is best with the Thredbo Supertrail at 5.9 kilometers. New Zealand isn’t that far behind with the Treble Cone, at 4.0 kilometers.

But which country gets the most snowfall?

• It’s a tie! Mount Hutt in New Zealand gets 4m/year and so does Falls Creek in Australia.

Which country has the most ski area?

• Australia wins hands down with 1,245 hectares over New Zealand’s 550.

But when it comes to the best terrain parks –

• New Zealand wins - it has 5 terrain parks and 2 pipes beating Australia with 5 terrain parks and only 1 pipe.

Lets talk price – when your pocketbook is thin, where do you go?

• For price, New Zealand wins, charging $35 per day for adults, and $28 per child at Cardrona and Treble Cone– as apposed to Australia at $70 per day for adults and $38 per child at Mt. Hutt and The Remarkables.

And for on mountain accommodations and lodging:

• Australia wins hands down, as many options are available for on-mountain accommodations. New Zealand only offers one resort with on site accommodations.

What about other things, such as heli-skiing and best skiing in the trees – if they important to you then you might want to consider:

New Zealand takes it with Heli-skiing, because it isn’t permitted in Australia.

But Australia wins with the best below treeline skiing for good definition. In New Zealand, the snow only falls above the trees.

So there’s the scoop on the best skiing, prices, lodging and more… to plan the perfect ski weekend!

Check out the below infographic for more information: - Produced by HotelClub Explore Queenstown Hotels