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Skiing in Scotland

The current economic climate in the UK is making many British skiers and snow-boarders think twice about paying for expensive trips to skiing resorts in Switzerland, Austria and the south of France. However, many people have forgotten that Britain has some of its own skiing slopes, which can offer experiences every bit as exhilarating as some of the most famous slopes in Europe. The Highlands of Scotland are home to some of the most challenging and breath taking slopes in the world. People who are worried about the rising costs of international travel may find some incredible bargains much closer to home. Cairngorm is right at the heart of the Highlands and offers a number of great slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers. There are also a number of excellent cross-country routes that slice through the mountains and enjoy the covering of conifers local to the area. The town of Aviemore is a picturesque setting in which skiers can base themselves and enjoy all of the off-piste activities which are available in the more famous European resorts. Aviemore is home to a selection of four-star hotels and a number of lodge-style homes for those who prefer self-catering to the table-service provided by the major hotels in the area. The Lecht Ski and Activity Centre is a great venue for beginners to the sport of skiing or for families looking for a wide range of activities. Visitors can enjoy devil-karting and tubing as well as a number of other snow-related sports. The most proficient skiers may not be challenged as much as they would like. However, the area is ideal for British skiers in search of an introduction to the activity or those in search of a quick and convenient break. The resort opens as soon as the snow arrives and closes when it melts. Glencoe is a popular skiing location because of its proximity to Glasgow. However, the snow is never guaranteed so visitors should check on a daily basis before travelling. When the snow does arrive, the skiing is some of the best found anywhere in the British Isles. The resort boasts over eleven kilometres of piste. All of which are serviced by seven reliable ski-lifts. Glencoe is also ideal for beginners or those looking for a little practice before attempting the more challenging slopes of Europe. The Glenshee skiing resort features the UK's largest network of chair-lifts which service four different mountains. The resort is located in the stunning Cairngorm National Park on the border of Aberdeenshire and Perthshire. The area offers a variety of slopes, and it is perfect for people just starting their skiing or snow-boarding careers. The area is also a very popular mountain-biking location during the summer months, and the chair-lift systems are in operation during July and August to get bikers and walkers to the top of the Cairnwell.