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Skiing in Scotland Guide: Where, When, and How?

Skiing in Scotland can make for one amazing holiday. Catch it on the right day and the vast snowy slopes and plenty of daring dives are excellent no matter your experience or ability level. Yet at the same time Scotland is known for being anything but reliable in terms of skiing and snow conditions.  You could wake up one day to perfect piste bliss but then find the next day nothing but slush and rocks. The old saying goes that for every ten days of so-so or not ideal conditions you will find one that is euphoric. So just what do you need to know in order to get as many perfect ski and snowboard days as you can when in Scotland? First you want to know that the best time to go is between January and February. In fact, it is rare that any of the ski resorts will even open up before the Christmas holiday. So it is in the first two months of the New Year that you will want to pack your skiing gear and set off to the land of tartan and kilts! There are some excellent resorts to check out and one of which is Cairngorm Ski Area. There are 19 runs and 17 lifts with both intermediate and advanced levels. This is one of the more popular locales for both skiers and snowboarders and even offers plenty in the way of fun come night as there is a nightclub that draws plenty. Nevis Range is another one that has 35 runs that will suit both intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. They have 12 lifts and boast great accommodations. It is located at one of the higher and western areas and touts an amazing view of Ben Nevis's open wintry expanses. If you are more of a beginner you may want to head to Lecht, as their 21 runs are all a bit tamer and perfect for children as well. They also have a snowboard fun park that is outfitted with half pipes and jumps. This resort is really family friendly and in addition to the fun to be had on the slopes they offer many other activities like snow tubing. No matter where you choose to go when skiing and snowboarding in Scotland you can be sure to have an amazing time as long as you do a bit of inquiry into the snow conditions first. By contacting the ski resorts and checking the more current weather conditions you can be sure that you are met with much more powder than rocks.