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Skiing in South America this summer

As the snow melts in Europe, it's the perfect time for skiers to head off to South America where the ski season is just beginning. The best time to go is in July & August, but the ski season runs from June to October. Chile and Argentina are home to world class ski centres. Head to the tricky slopes of Portillo or the great ski runs of Valle Nevado in the heart of the Andes in Chile. Valle Nevado is the largest ski centre in the Southern Hemisphere and has hosted the Snowboard World Cup. The views are truly  breathtaking in this part of the world and the atmosphere in the ski resorts is lots of fun. There are ski resorts to cater for all levels and tastes, whether you want the convenience of being close to the capital Santiago or to get away from it all with some difficult slopes and spectacular scenery. Argentina is home to a range of ski resorts varying in size. For some off piste, powder and backcountry action and snowboarding, Las Lenas in the Mendoza Province is the place to go. There are many resorts, mainly around the Lake District, catering for all abilities and tastes. The scenery is jaw-dropping  and the welcomes warm and friendly.