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Skiing on a Budget

  Skiing holidays are undoubtedly an expensive luxury; the travel costs, accommodation, and equipment all add up to an ultimately pricey venture. Resorts in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Austria are extremely popular with holidaymakers as well as celebrities, but often require a very relaxed budget. Despite these well-known skiing destinations providing much more affordable options, people often overlook the cheaper alternatives, believing that they will be compromising on the quality of their trip. However, this is not the case; there are many hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered in places that the avid skier may not even have considered looking. Eastern Europe, despite its past reputation for providing second hand experiences has a lot to offer even the most experienced of skiers. Although there are places you should still avoid for this reason, there is an abundance of resorts that have recently been modernised to offer first class facilities and an unforgettable adventure. Bulgaria Bulgaria is home to a large variety of ski resorts ideal for all types of abilities at affordable prices. The most developed resort in Bulgaria is Borovets, located 1350 metres above sea level. Huddled in amongst a beautiful pine wood, Borovets makes for a truly relaxing and harmonious holiday. As winter temperatures stay relatively mild and never drop below 0 in the coldest of months, skiers can enjoy the slopes at their leisure throughout the year. As well as the excellent facilities which provide perfect conditions for night-skiing, cross country and ski jumping, there is also a wide variety of luxury hotels, restaurants and shops. Poland Poland has a diverse variety of inexpensive winter sport resorts. The relatively less well known slopes make for uncrowded spaces which provide you with an excellent opportunity to ski at your own pace. As Polish resorts are somewhat underdeveloped, you can really enjoy the natural landscapes without the commercial atmosphere of many other destinations. Poland’s largest resort is Zakopane located in the Tatras Mountains and has been popular holiday destination for the locals for years. It allows skiers of all expertise to enjoy a range of slopes reaching up to a staggering 1960 metres in height. The lively nightlife also allows holidaymakers of all ages to enhance their trip and carry on the excitement into the evening. Discovering these less familiar and less pricey resorts certainly doesn’t mean you can expect less enjoyable skiing holidays. If anything, you can experience the culture of some of Europe’s most amazing and still developing countries, incorporating culture and diversity into your skiing holiday. This guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Heathrow airport parking company MF Airport Parking. If you’re flying from the UK this winter then why not take your equipment in your car and leave it at the airport? It can save you time and hassle compared to lugging your equipment onto public transport!