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Skiing safer than gardening: survey

Those who think skiing is a dangerous sport should think again after a survey revealed hitting the slopes could be up to four times safer than gardening. Planting, pruning, and mowing the lawn are not usually pastimes that are associated with injury, but a survey has revealed one in 10 Britons has come a cropper while sprucing up their outdoor space.



In contrast, just one in 40 people have been hurt while on the piste - showing that experienced skiers or novices who get the proper training have nothing to fear. There was also good news for snowboarders too as the study found the sport was safer than giving your home a "spring clean".


The research carried out by AposTherapy, a new therapy to help people cope with chronic joint pains, also found other "safe" pursuits often caused injury. DIY enthusiasts had a high casualty rate with one in 20 hurt whilst repairing their houses, more than those harmed whilst horse riding or rock climbing. Walks in the country led to more accidents than mountain biking.


Dr Peter Mace, assistant medical director of Bupa, which provides the therapy, said: "Anyone planning to spend time gardening or decorating this weekend should remember that they may be using muscle groups and joints they haven't exercised in a long while. "There are simple precautions people can take to avoid injury and the onset of a chronic condition. For instance simple stretching and remembering correct posture can make a massive difference."