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Sleeping Bag Choice For Hikers

When deciding to go on a camping trip there are many things you need to consider, particularly when it comes to choosing the equipment that will accompany you to ensure your trip is enjoyable, relaxing and problem free. Maybe you're going to Glastonbury. Perhaps you're heading to a large camp site for a week with the family, or maybe you're just travelling to see a mate for a couple of days in the country. Whatever you’re planning to do for a trip this year you will still need to ensure you have the correct kit with you to prevent any headaches later on, and if you’re undecided, choose where you’re heading. Like many fellow camping enthusiasts around the world, I’m currently trawling through various websites and advice forums to influence my destination of site. With a new season comes the inevitable task of going through all of my equipment and deciding what needs replacing and what items will last me another year. One thing that does need replacing is my sleeping bag, and with such a vast array of choice available on the market it’s sometimes difficult to know which one will suit the area I’m camping in. However this decision was soon made much simpler after checking out the sleeping bag advice video on The team have put together a really informative and helpful piece on what various bags have to offer, and which ones adapt to certain temperatures in the outdoors. Check out the video: Features which you may find tricky to grasp, such as baffles, season ratings and incorporated technologies are all simplified into layman’s terms, and as a result the whole concept of sleeping bags becomes understandable in just a matter of minutes. To many they might just be somewhere to sleep when you don’t have a mattress, and so the natural feeling would be that the bigger the bag the warmer you will be. This isn’t necessarily true as the video outlines. Sometimes the shape and material can influence the weight of the product, and at times the bigger bags can be useless if they’re in conditions where they cannot operate. Having watched the video I’ve now decided which bag I’m going to buy as I’m now much more informed regarding which bags will suit my individual needs. This will now last me for the next few years at least, whereas my previous sleeping bags lasted just a couple of trips as I hadn’t looked into their finer details, and as a result they were unreliable at best. Before you head off on your adventures make sure all of your kit is in full working order, and if you are on the hunt for a sleeping bag then check out the advice pages, the comparison chart and the new departmental video on