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Snowboarding in Central Italy

Winter holidays are as just as good if not better than summer breaks. Many of us enjoy the cold weather and snow, rather than the hot and crowded beaches of the summer months. If you're planning an upcoming snowboarding holiday and seeking a new and little known travel destination then read on - this is exactly what you are looking for ... Il Gran Sasso d'Italia Many ignore the existence of the rustic yet enchanting location around which the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park has been created, one of the most important natural reserves in Italy today. In the very heart of the Abruzzo region, the Gran Sasso is one of the highest mountains of the Apennine chain in Italy, south of the Apls. While the majority of winter tourists flock to the most popular winter travel destinations in northern Italy, the Gran Sasso is easily reachable thanks to its strategic position, offers outstanding snowfall from December through April, and is free of tourists if compared to the most popular ski resorts in Italy and Europe. Snowboarding o the Gran Sasso is simply fantastic, especially on a clear day. Cold mornings (with temperatures well below freezing) lead into crisp days of fun snowboarding in a breath taking scenario with the Corno Grande and Corno Piccolo, the 2 stunning peaks overlooking the ski slopes. Many low cost airlines fly in to Rome Ciampino and Pescara airports which are both close (a comfortable drive): Rome Ciampino can be more complicated to drive in or out of due to the considerable amount of traffic. If you wish to travel with public transportation it is also possible and better to do so from Rome where there are buses with destination L'Aquila on an hourly basis. The Climate is continental in this part of Italy and snowfall can begin as early as beginning of December: The snowboarding season can start as early as December 8th with is the beginning of the Christmas/Winter holiday period (normally a long week end in Italy). Within driving distance of the slopes there are a number of possible lodging solutions - typical hotels, budget B&Bs, and an ancient castle hotel with a breath taking view of the Gran Sasso and 20 minutes away from the ski lifts. For a different and not too expensive snowboarding holiday the Gran Sasso d'Italia is the ideal location for a relaxing and intimate break, away from the noise and the crowds, in an uncontaminated natural surrounding a pleasant drive from Rome.