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Snowboarding on a Dry Slope

Practicing on dry slopes is the easy option for anyone that wants to try a technique and doesn’t have access to real snow slopes. With over 30 dry ski slopes in the UK alone, there are plenty of venues for snowboarders to take lessons or practice their new found snowboarding skills. So here a few reasons why we think you should check out your local dry slope this year...   dry slope skiing

Why Snowboard on a Dry Slope?

Unless you live in a mountainous area in Scotland with ready access to snowy slopes, dry slopes are the much more convenient solution. They're a year-round way to take your first steps on a snowboard, or get some practice in between snowboarding holidays, or just get your snowboarding fix in the UK if you're a keen snowboarder. And if you've never been on a snowboard before, dry slopes can also help you ‘find your feet’ before you hit the real snow. Learning snowboarding can be a slow process. In other winter sports you may be able to progress quickly but snowboarding may take a little longer to get to grips with. This won’t apply to everyone but many people will find sledging, skating or skiing much easier than boarding. For this reason, boarding needs the most practice and dry slopes are a great way to get you started. In general, the first hour of snowboarding can be tough for any newbie. However, as you get used to the feel of the board under your feet and the angle at which you have to ride the slope, this can get much easier. As it usually takes people a couple of days to get the hang of the snowboarding technique so you can expect to have a few trips and slips to begin with. The great thing about falling on dry slopes is that you don’t have to worry about getting cold and wet! Although the falls themselves can be pretty painful on the mesh if you’re not protected well enough! So just make sure you're wrapped up well enough to protect you from any falls.  

Is Snowboarding Better than Skiing?

Skiers need to carry a lot of equipment on the slopes such as poles, skis, and protective wear. If you want to go for a slicker sport, snowboarding might suit you better. If you think that boarding is all about looking good, then you’re half right. Not only is it exhilarating and very cool, it is also hard work and can be very tricky to master. However, once you have got the technique, boarding can be just as enjoyable, if not more so than other winter sports – just hit your local dry slope and give it a go!     Have you ever been dry slope snowboarding?