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Spread Your Camping Wings

It is all too easy to look back and realise that your camping holidays have become gradually embedded in a bit of a rut. Why not take some extra time to think about where to go this year and for how long? Perhaps somewhere new or a healthy dose of reliable familiarity but with a twist. For instance, if you are planning a trip to the Lake District National Park, include the summits as well as the lakes, valleys and fells. Maybe split a week or two between sites or tour further afield than usual. By contacting tourist information centres well in advance, you can avoid the frustration of missing a fun event by a few days as well as checking out discounts in the area. If you have your heart set on a particular site and even a specific pitch, book it now rather than putting it off. If you are braving the stormy waters of the euro this summer, check all your documents are valid well in advance, shop around for good ferry and site deals and get some sound advice on changing and withdrawing money abroad. If packing the car safely for camping trips is always a challenge, then think seriously about a roof box to spread the load. It really is surprising how much stress and tension can be averted when packing is not a nightmare. As well as big items, review last year’s trips and if there was anything you wish you had taken to make camping more comfortable, pack or buy it now. If your dog matters so much to your family that you cannot bear to leave him or her behind then make sure an identity chip is fitted. New places may disorient your pet but when others find a lost dog, a chip means there will always be a way to find you. When was the last time you checked out how much it would cost to replace all your camping gear? If you think it is all insured, check the large print as well as the small and make sure your policy replaces old with new. If you are not insured, consider getting cover. Ask as many questions as you like as there is no point in finding out your policy does not cover use away from home when the wind is blowing from all directions on holiday.